Skip & Shannon on Floyd Mayweather agreeing to fight Logan Paul on June 6th in Miami | UNDISPUTED
Elsewhere in the boxing world, undefeated Floyd Mayweather is getting back in the ring in what is being called a special exhibition against UZload star Logan Paul. Paul only has 2 boxing matches to his name and is the older brother of Jake Paul who has also transitioned from UZload to the sport. The fight will be held in Miami on June 6th and will be the first time the 44-year-old Mayweather has stepped in the ring in over 2 years. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the fight and what it means for Floyd's legacy.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon on Floyd Mayweather agreeing to fight Logan Paul on June 6th in Miami | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    • Cephas Makuzva
      Cephas Makuzva

      Floyd us getting 100 million for this

    • William

      @Ashwin Kokate Logan u fool

    • chris corbett
      chris corbett

      That's a true statement

    • All-Day Stevie J 313
      All-Day Stevie J 313

      @Christopher London "only suckers would watch Floyd" or only true boxing fans who appreciate the defensive acumen. Its not all about a slugfest, its about the sweet science of hitting and not getting hit to which Floyd is quintessential.

    • All-Day Stevie J 313
      All-Day Stevie J 313

      Why can't floyd just be doing it for the fun of it

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams

    You’ll talk about his cars but won’t talk about the skyscrapers he owns. White people have imbedded jealously in them of black people

  • Maru

    This matchup is the same as Floyds fighting style, nothing honorable about it.

  • Jesse Brake
    Jesse Brake

    It will be funny if Logan knocks him out,

  • Mando Boi
    Mando Boi

    Floyd why dont you fight Pacquiao a second time since you robbed him Loser

  • Nbou Bnei
    Nbou Bnei

    How many youtube tweens are picking Paul to win?

  • Pepes Lives Matter
    Pepes Lives Matter

    Floyd Mayweather will Punk Out!

  • Greg Patterson
    Greg Patterson

    I would like to see Floyd vs 50 cent fight !

  • brandon dizney
    brandon dizney

    Why is it so hard for analysts to distinguish between joke and logan 😂

  • Kahlil Poet
    Kahlil Poet

    He is fighting on June 6th to close to June 10th... He got his hate taken... His hair was dry as F@$#... He gotta win right??? If he don't he will be the joke of the year...

  • dpink513

    Who turns down free and legal money in a capitalist society? Get your money Floyd...your legacy is cemented.

  • John Paul Laxa
    John Paul Laxa

    This two clowns are just full of blah blah and I bet can't even box.

  • uzerish x
    uzerish x

    let's just hope the pre-show isn't an abomination like the Triller trash

  • BoomShakaLaka

    Conor won first few rounds on Floyd

  • Atlanta og Atlanta oh
    Atlanta og Atlanta oh

    I’m betting 5k on Logan Paul because if he wins I’ll 10x my money if he loses I won’t care it’s just 5k

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K

    "fare"? Nope! it's payback no fare in any of definition will win lol ! 😆 Skip should get skipped I don't wanna hear him.

  • Kid Literate
    Kid Literate

    Get that bag Floyd. 👌

  • Gary H
    Gary H

    It’s becoming a joke

  • Sam Xaiver
    Sam Xaiver

    If Paul beats (AND I MEAN BEATS) Mayweather, DAM!!😂🤣😮😮

  • Logan Strauts
    Logan Strauts

    They think logan’s his brother

  • Iron Physique
    Iron Physique

    Why is Floyd Mayweather giving this UZloadr guy a monetary handout?

  • Follow The White Rabbit
    Follow The White Rabbit

    Logan is going to win. No doubt in my mind. Come back to my comment post fight.

  • Dave Ram
    Dave Ram

    I'd pay to see Skip and Shannon in the ring

  • Alex Monreal Hoffman
    Alex Monreal Hoffman

    Le va ofrecer un taco chalino sanchez on June 7th

  • Robbie Lieven
    Robbie Lieven

    I Wish that Floyd is gonna be Pretty Boy for once against this UZload kid 😎

  • Swiss Panda
    Swiss Panda

    If floyd lost this he would be hated. Would be the biggest upset in the history of boxing.

  • Hunter Borne
    Hunter Borne

    These guys are horribly ignorant, first off the fight Floyd had in Japan was fake, anybody with two eyes could see that, secondly Inoki was a pro wrestler that arguably beat Ali, then Shannon Called Tank Davis ‘Gervonta Smith’, these two clowns know not of what they speak

  • Sidney Jackson
    Sidney Jackson

    He should've fought both of them on the same night.

  • wrds wpns
    wrds wpns

    It's a f ing joke

  • Jay Chi
    Jay Chi

    Floyd knows exactly what he is doing. He's going to knock both brothers out and make a mint. And they will make a grip too along with hospital bills.

  • kersmash

    Floyd is going DOWN !!!

  • Ty Wiley
    Ty Wiley

    Logan just trying to make some money know he gonna loose 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • J Rich
    J Rich

    I hope Floyd fights BOTH Paul’s on the same night. He’s a legend for even OFFERING to do it. Somebody get these novices back in front of their keyboards pronto

  • Jim Highfill
    Jim Highfill

    Best thing the world can do is not pay for this fight and let the Paul’s fade away. Covid is almost over. We will start to properly be entertained again soon.


    I love Floyd Mayweather he is one of the Greatest Boxer of all time of not the best but i feel this fight he going to let his emotions get the best of him and this guy Logon will get a lucky punch and win he a lot bigger then Mayweather I know its all bout the money but Floyd legacy is more important. 🥊

  • [ˈho͞oləɡən] 13
    [ˈho͞oləɡən] 13

    Y'all should be ashamed whoever loved, liked, respected logan pail...I meal logan paul

  • Marcus Arpero S.
    Marcus Arpero S.

    Cowboys to the Super Bowl !!!!!!!

  • Polo22546

    Floyd is doing this for an easy pay day because this fight shouldn’t last long. I just hope that he doesn’t actually need the money because I remember what 50 said.

  • TaurusGoddess 444
    TaurusGoddess 444


  • Joe M
    Joe M


  • Solomon Lynch
    Solomon Lynch

    When a person does certain things for money it shows how desperate they are. Instead of “Money” Mayweather. It should be “I need money” Mayweather.

  • Joe M
    Joe M


  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson

    Floyd needs to stay out of the limelight and help these younger boxers out..smh! Not a good look floyd..👎🏽

  • arielflores87

    Shannon Should quit commentating about Boxing that guy is worst to even talk about Boxing lol he's a clown 🤡

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody

    Floyd will absolutely clown this dude. This is going to show just how big a difference there is between a pro and a novice.

  • Nadir seay.
    Nadir seay.

    Jenny had the easiest job ever 😂

  • soti707

    Trash 🗑

  • Barsa23

    Two clowns 🤡 so ridiculous

  • Denis Hourigan
    Denis Hourigan

    Ready to rumble ready to stumble wat a fukin joke a huge con hit man mearn wud of boxed Floyd's scull in simple anyhow like I said don't b a clown people don't pay for this thay want to Rob ur money it's simple........

  • David William
    David William

    I agree that Floyd can't lose... But i wonder if they will pay Floyd to lose. Please no... Don't do it Floyd. We all know you better.

  • Jake Iannarino
    Jake Iannarino

    im just here to see how Shannon spins this event into racism. lol

  • Majik Urbina
    Majik Urbina

    dont know where Yall can compare Logan paul to Kimbo Slice...Kimbo would of KOD Logan paul in a street fight , boxing match is his best chance just because Kimbo slice seemed to have Horrible stamina. Still would bet on Kimbo over Logan paul asap though💯

  • Keyoneh YT
    Keyoneh YT

    Logan Paul’s gone win lol no

  • Cowboy Lemonhead
    Cowboy Lemonhead

    Floyd is simply a brilliant man. He’s fighting a UZload influncer. That’s the smart play. He’s showing he keeps up with the times and is flexible to change. This is the reason Floyd is who he is in the world. You know who didn’t keep up with the changing times and lost? Toy-R-Us.

  • mr know all
    mr know all

    Skipp I'm screaming in the computer MUHAMMAD ALI DID NOT FIGHT A KICKBOXER HE FOUGHT A PRO WRESTLER NAMED ANTONIO INOKI. and do you wanna know the results of the fight between Mayweather and Paul I know the answer and this a shocker you're ready? And the winner is (drumroll) ..... Mayweather via knockout 1st round and when the ring announcer said he won all of the fans in the arena and all who was watching screamed "DUHHH!!!"

  • John Booker
    John Booker

    Nobody bought that fight for Jake Paul vs Nate. We bought that fight for tyson vs jones

  • Richard Longfellow
    Richard Longfellow

    This is the biggest joke in boxing history.

  • Joey Garcia
    Joey Garcia

    Floyd is a racist for bringing up race and to think I actually liked the dude what a chump

  • Kcid Zag
    Kcid Zag

    Floyd knows that the kid at bantamweight wont have any chances,but he made them believe theres a chance.sadly he knocked the small guy out with no mercy.floyd would still earn more in a real fight than in an exhibition.he keeps telling us he would made a 100million in an exhibition and 30million in a real fight so why choose a real fight.the problem is anybody just believe in what he said.but the figure vs japanese fighter was 9million only.and he would get another 100million against top boxer before at year 2015 to 2018 when he can still fight that year but keep on cherry picking and never give the fans they wanted.thurman,spence,porter crawford and rematch with all the new stars think if you want to be known as the best "dont fight the best".cherry pick..thats why we wont get what we wanted bec of who had the media follows.

  • parengkiboy

    Imagine if Logan accidentally knocked Floyd out cold 10 seconds in the 1st round. Matches like these will be banned, lols.

  • Westcoast Native
    Westcoast Native

    I really don't care for Jake Paul, but I hope he catches Floyd and knocks him out. For those that may not have remembered Conor actually caught Floyd before the ref stepped in. Floyd was actually hurt a lil bit. I like Floyd, but taking fights like this is stupid. Fighting a UFC champion is one thing. But to fight some UZloadr who hasn't even proven himself against legit competition? Some people truly don't know their worth. I get it he's after the money, but from a legacy standpoint this fight doesn't make sense. No way should Jake Paul be sharing a ring with a fighter like Floyd. At least not yet anyways.

  • Tom hartman
    Tom hartman

    Remember the 16sec Spinks fight? Watch Paul run...

  • Mario Antonio Crespo México
    Mario Antonio Crespo México

    I’m a 5’2 in height & 130 pounds 28 year old man! I have been shorter than average all my life

    • Sergio Brienwell
      Sergio Brienwell

      You can fit into the spaces that other people cannot. Here is a interesting fact; height has zelch to do with genetics, symetrics do. Peace

  • Black Governor
    Black Governor

    The Nate fight was on Tyson Roy Jones fight undercard. Those buys arent for them.

  • Manuel Aguirre
    Manuel Aguirre

    🤓Shannon Knows Best👍

  • Shawn James
    Shawn James

    This is a FUCKEN circus show!!!! . real fight fans are going to be watching Teofimo Lopez vs Kambosos

  • Kune Sleiyer
    Kune Sleiyer

    The REAL losers in this case are the MORONS who buy this "fight".

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Shannon, mayweather is an old news. Mayweather would fight anybody just to make money, same as Logan and mc Gregor. Ever since mayweather avoided manny pacquio for over 8 years, stated that manny pacquio uses steroids and he wants Olympic drug test. Now he’s fighting an exhibition fight against UZload clown name Logan. Sports media sometimes needs to evaluate what they are feeding the people watching their show. Do you actually think people cares, about that fight.i don’t think so. Just another mayweather money stunt. Stephen A is one of those sports media that likes to promote mayweather agenda. Stephen A is heading towards that old news, style of sports media bureaucrats. Watchers are tired of yelling and supporting black boxers or players. But very rear for him to talked about whites. He always contradicts other races.

  • Kris Campbell
    Kris Campbell

    shannon doesnt even know the difference between Logan and Jake Paul lol

  • Travis K
    Travis K

    Why wouldn’t Floyd take the fight? Guaranteed money for him in my opinion.

  • Guy 2 Gang
    Guy 2 Gang

    This might be the first time Mayweather haters will have to root for him. I think we can all agree the Paul brothers are a cancer!

  • jerry borchardt
    jerry borchardt

    Inoke was a professional wrestler, not a kick boxer. It was a dull affair with Ali. Inoke crab walked to Ali, kicking Ali in the legs. Ali kept taunting the wrestler, throwing some jabs. That was it.

  • Stevethegoat

    How come that clearly racist and hate speech filled person Shannon Sharpe is aloud on television??

  • Kaito 1412
    Kaito 1412

    Hes making a fool of himself

  • MarcusisMalingering

    Ima watch it, but I wont pay money for it.

  • Henry Stickmen
    Henry Stickmen

    I think Logan's chance of win is %000000.1T

  • Roel John Bobis
    Roel John Bobis

    The only way to stop this is that fans stop supporting this kind of fight. But if people keep supporting this well expect more.

  • Nagusa Maho
    Nagusa Maho

    Just remember Facebook/Amazon owners a billionaire yet they continue to Mayweather is just a smart athletes so hating people

  • SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire

    You will have a tough time landing good punches on Mayweather

  • Ricky Montano
    Ricky Montano

    Dank Room Studios 💯🚨🔥💨 Approved !

  • Dark Magician23
    Dark Magician23

    Floyd is scared of manny paciquo the fight was rigged with the refs making Floyd win

  • Julian Juarez
    Julian Juarez

    This goes to show floyd is a cherry picker fighter his whole career, now he's fighting youtubers bro im dead

    • Kahlil Poet
      Kahlil Poet

      His retired. He just doing it to make a few ends n his bored. He do pick his fights. Remember this dude is smarter than what u think...

  • Pedro Best
    Pedro Best

    He should of just fought Jake Paul cause he's more of an entertainer always doing something random to catch people's attention

  • JiTengful

    Keep fighting Uber driver Mayweather will be 100-0 soon

  • Gersson B
    Gersson B

    Canelo and Floyd rematch - floyd and this bum no justice

  • joebridges187

    🤔 Ali did stunts like this, they all have at some point!

  • joebridges187

    Hate all you want, but you can’t knock the hustle!

  • 1and 2
    1and 2

    Anyone actually scared floyd might lose?

  • Marshall The French Bulldog
    Marshall The French Bulldog

    Do they still not know it was Jake who fought Nate no Logan 😂 still dont know the difference and there on TV talking about it. Ridiculous 😂😂

  • Mad Moon Rabbit
    Mad Moon Rabbit

    No, no no no, he did NOT "fight" Inoki. Go re-watch the fight.

  • Madashell1200

    Whoever loses, we win

  • wes dryden
    wes dryden

    The fight in Rizin was fixed

  • jennie rubyjane kim
    jennie rubyjane kim

    Logan Paul vs Ryan Garcia would have been more reasonable

  • Jaylen

    i got scared for a second and thought it said june 19th i thought it was over

  • Daniel Aguilar
    Daniel Aguilar

    Floyd is a punk and only fighting weak fighters, if a good fighter calls him out he won't say a word!! punk floyd

  • Charles Summers
    Charles Summers

    Better be real!

  • John Asante
    John Asante

    What an embarrassing time for boxing

  • Dave Renju
    Dave Renju

    Floyd still scared to manny too scared to lose after rigged fight that keeps on running but still wins the fight

  • tenchikid80

    this is gonna be a joke but I sure am gonna watch it!

  • Alfred Smith
    Alfred Smith

    He doesn't need this to support his lifestyle..he owns 9 SKYSCRAPERS IN NYC‼️‼️‼️..Just like Floyd said, "people forget that I've been living like this for 25 years now ‼️‼️"💯 💪🏾