Tom Brady strikes again as Antonio Brown re-signs with Buccaneers - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers really are bringing the whole band back as they look to make a run at another Super Bowl. Antonio Brown is the latest Free Agent to return to the team after reportedly agreeing to a one-year deal worth up to $6.25 million with $3.1 million in guaranteed money. Brown joined the Bucs midway through last season and caught a touchdown in Tampa’s Super Bowl win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about AB's decision to re-sign with the Bucs.
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Tom Brady strikes again as Antonio Brown re-signs with Buccaneers - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    • Oscar Talbot
      Oscar Talbot

      Love #81 A.B.

    • Ninef Sargis
      Ninef Sargis

      shannon stop crying nobody wants to hear that blah bloo blee talk

    • Benny White
      Benny White

      So Brady is 109th in salary.... and Dak is where again 😂😂😂

    • Sergio Morejon
      Sergio Morejon

      Polo g

    • TrapJefe

      @BRIAN BC PRYOR ffffffff poop poopoo

  • Christian Hewitt
    Christian Hewitt

    Sharp is a hatter!!!

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    I hope AB improves this year. He only played half of the regular season and it took him a little bit to get his first td. He will be there day 1 this year!! Tampa looks tough going in to next season. Hopefully they keep the injuries down!!

  • Osman Ghaffar
    Osman Ghaffar

    Art Monk , Gary Clark , Slick Rick. Warren/Didier. The Granville Oilers - Drew Hill, Ernest Givins , Heywood Jefferies, Curtis Duncan - no tight ends in Houston.

  • Thomas Bays
    Thomas Bays

    Tom Brady believes in him and that is all that matters.

  • David M
    David M

    Skip is right. Brady is loaded with WR and TE. Sorry Mahoney's/Allen/Ravens fans.

  • David M
    David M

    And the NFC got weaker with Breeze retired, Rodgers retired. SF is probably the only competition for Tampa.TB will only get better in Brady's second year. Replay last year's SB for next year if Brady is healthy.

  • David M
    David M

    Fortunately TB isn't near Vegas, NYC or Miami. Players can reform themselves when forced to sit out. Vick reformed himself. He is a top 10 WR. 7-10. TB repeat with AB. Genius resigning.

  • Sean Big cat
    Sean Big cat

    Tom Brady is the reason why Aaron Rodgers is such a little crybaby. Aaron still has a long way to go to catch Brett Favre

  • Sammie Jackson
    Sammie Jackson

    Million dollars in 1s or millions in 20s

  • C Meditationz
    C Meditationz

    Brady knows they really still doubt him... Hope Brady gets 6 more make it the best 13 against the reactives

  • Enrique Pariente
    Enrique Pariente

    I dont even like american football. But this 2 guys are amazing in any sport show

  • nathan layman
    nathan layman

    Just so we're clear... Shannon just said the Buccs are the favorite to win the super bowl next year... Then he said that the chiefs are the favorite "in the AFC".. then he said the chiefs will definitely make it to the superbowl.... But he doesn't know about the Buccaneers....... W.T.F......

  • Jack Krauser
    Jack Krauser

    "Way to go Tom you struck again" LOL

  • Marlon J. Sublétt
    Marlon J. Sublétt

    Maaaaan, these two guys are absolutely phenomenal sports commentators; I mean the BEST in the business - HANDS DOWN!

  • 02278426

    Shannon is an AB hater.....its annoying...AB is a GOAT

  • John Schnellbach
    John Schnellbach

    I had to laugh with you running downstairs to make sure you still got the trophy

  • Al 57K
    Al 57K

    The Butler Did it ,He's going for 49 ,either in years or Team , he Might be "12 & 3" any way "He Will be Hunting ???Good or Bad ,it's their choice !!!

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner

    He better hope that defense carry him again

  • hyrsk1552

    Tom wants to win. He manages his money so he doesn't need a lot so he'd rather have players around him he can trust to help win and wants them to get paid.

  • John Lovering
    John Lovering

    Tampa needs to lock AB for a long term deal AB is still 1 of the NFL top receivers hands down

  • D Takahashi
    D Takahashi

    Shannon bitter

  • Poker Joker
    Poker Joker

    Tampa; The New Pittsburgh aka “City of Champions”.

  • mohammad beg
    mohammad beg

    Shannon mustve forgot about the salary cap

  • João Brito
    João Brito

    They trust AB as long as Brady is there, but they won’t give him more than 1 year because Brady is probably taking things year by year as well

  • Quagmire

    I never knew they could agree so much

  • cyrus 13
    cyrus 13

    The higher ups got to Shannon because of what tom brady said during 2021 day 1 draft night. Shannon will talk about it someday on his channel im sure.

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    Gm had to resign ABbecause he had a always dreamed of drafting a QB. More important to gm than helping 52 players sacrifing to win next Superbowl!

  • ed balido
    ed balido

    best part of the show was the bundt cake part, chocolate chip my favorite too😋😋😋

  • Matt Clarke
    Matt Clarke

    These 2 guys have a great show. good chemistry between the 2.


    lol shannon is so mad. man cries over tom brady at night lol

  • ungklc

    The haters fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia. But only slightly less well known is this: NEVER bet against Tom Brady!

  • Brandon Bowden
    Brandon Bowden

    Tom Brady is mentorship in one word! Failure it a option to him. He’s not going to all AB to fail mentally physically emotionally spiritually or on the football field. He his true brother! Tampa will be back in three Super Bowl.

  • David Holmes
    David Holmes

    he's cheap worth it YESS [ saves $50M+ ] u have to check him MAYBE double team him.. the BRADY-MATRIX !!!!

  • Huntington Beach Anthony
    Huntington Beach Anthony

    80% chance Tampa Bay wins the Super Bowl...again.

  • BobbyMarley

    When FA Started: “most of em will go elsewhere” After all of em signs: I’m not surprised by this

  • Emir Blanco
    Emir Blanco

    Tom Brady 7X 17-0 6-199🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣💪🤣🖕

  • Donny Adi
    Donny Adi

    TB12: "Want more rings? Stick with me!"

  • Mik3y Hignig8t
    Mik3y Hignig8t

    Skip "The Separe " Bayless please quite sparing ESPN veiwers to death and retiré your Cowboys hating bit gota old.....about 10 years algo you anda Steven A. New to get a hobby like heterosexualism .the Cowboy bit is old

  • Charles Finnell
    Charles Finnell

    No telling what AB's incentives are.....but I'm sure that he'll do well........

  • Scott Donaldson
    Scott Donaldson

    Biggest win 7

  • Mister Myself
    Mister Myself

    LBJ gets so much as a role player and he "needs help". Skips hater alarm goes off. "Terrific Tom" gets another in a line of greats all the way to alltime greats and its ok. Never a knock about it.

  • Tony Ioannoni
    Tony Ioannoni

    Tampa Bay was a 7 - 9 team in 2019, in 2020 they added an finished old QB Tom Brady, a retired TE Rob Gronkowski, a nobody wants anymore released RB Leonard Fournette, and a finished untrustworthy uncontrollable unemployed WR Antonio Brown, and all of a sudden they are Superbowl champions, and now everybody is saying they have amazing depth???? All I know now is that that OLD QB, wants not only to repeat a Superbowl win, he wants a perfect season crushing all teams on his path.... to remove the chip from 2007 perfect season but no Superbowl! I will enjoy the upcoming season so much!

  • Whysoserious

    I rather a million in 1’s 🤦🏽‍♂️ so when Flex, it looks like 2m 😂

  • EvilSnipa

    He don't play the game of life as good as he plays the game of football.But starting to turn it around.we will see

  • Bruce Barron
    Bruce Barron

    The draft really makes it tough to do anything twice in the NFL. Talented players never last to the team picking 32nd. This years draft exposed that fact with Jacksonville and the Jets getting so many top picks that even a toddler could select.

  • b s
    b s

    Unretired 2 hall of famers to win a ring. Retired Brees and now possibly Aaron Rodgers sheeesh

  • D Crusade
    D Crusade

    C'mon man! He signed. Who cares if ya with the GOAT its rings baby!!!

  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores

    🤣 "I'm gonna stop and get me some cake" that's me everyday 😬

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith

    Skip gon make sure he finds a way to Suck Brady off. Everyday

  • Big d23
    Big d23

    Shannon : I’m No surprised he went back at all Shannon last week : abs going to Baltimore for sho.

  • ChillinLikeAVillain

    You people act like you know Antonio and what he’s been through. How these concussions have effected his mental health. He might have been off the rocker but he deserves all this success

  • Trunx Kraft
    Trunx Kraft

    Skip loves to talk about how Brady "keeps AB in line" .

  • Shazam757

    when Tom gets Josh Gordon signed and on the active roster then I'll be impressed 😂😂

  • c328i

    Been saying since the day Brady officially left Foxboro. GOAT's stamped & certified, now lets see how he does as low-key GM.. So far, best GM in the biz🤙🏻🍾🏆 My next prediction, already had talks w/ his dude J. Edleman. He sits out a year to rest, comes back to join T.B. & Gronk for another 'Ship.

  • Bawby Charles
    Bawby Charles

    Buccaneers cream of the crop still! Cowboys coming this year though! Micah Parsons coming for Bradys head

  • Robert Murdock
    Robert Murdock

    Gotta love what the pats did by getting two quality tight ends. Plus with the maturation of deep threat hairy and the best defense in the nfl Watch the pats rock n roll

  • Benza Guru
    Benza Guru

    Shannon always has to make it about him.

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    Players LOVE to work with Tom Brady. Why? He shares the Wealth and shares the Glory of winning games. He's Humble but Demanding of his players. He gives Credit to players when they make a play. Example: Right after the SB ended Lenard Fornet walked over to Brady and THANKED HIM for adding him to his team. Tom said "Thank you for joining us". Did anyone watch Tom when he was walking back to the locker room? He was walking with one of the guys that goes around giving the players liquids on the sidelines during the game.Tom put his arm on his shoulder and spoke to him as they continued to walk down to the locker room. EVERYONE in the organization loves the guy because he has no apparent Ego problem and shares the satisfaction of their wins with everyone on their team. Got to love it. I am so happy he out of New England, I got really sick of Hoody.

  • Youssef Hamidi
    Youssef Hamidi

    Shannon gotta take yet another L.

  • Dr. Gordon
    Dr. Gordon

    Imagine what AB's career could've been like had TB12 been his QB the entire time! Lawd!!!

  • Sahaj Patel
    Sahaj Patel

    who feels like antonio brown literally just wants to play with tom brady to win because brady's contract ends after the 2021-2022 season and so does Ab's

  • Karmal Wade
    Karmal Wade

    Brady for sure the 🐐 i cant lie

  • Lance Handy
    Lance Handy

    AB never had the type of fellowship ship he has with Brady and he actually appreciates that.

  • Trainer Rob
    Trainer Rob

    This is a surprise? AB didn´t really have a choice here, if he didn´t sign with Tampa Tom would have sent him to his room and grounded him for the entire season.

  • YoTurnUpTheVolume100

    AB really messed up his money and future when he acted a fool with the Raiders. Other players can learn frok this

  • Brianna Bell
    Brianna Bell

    The bucs could trade Brady for Rodgers

  • Mike Menschel
    Mike Menschel

    The NFL and NBA are racist, they have more black players than white! That is racist!

  • d morris
    d morris

    AB act like he has cte

  • Tom V
    Tom V

    Pumped for next season

  • Alexander AR
    Alexander AR

    Bucs need a solid qb back up, cause if Brady goes down.....

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac

    I came here to destroy Brady haters but it's hard to find those mentally challenged wimps now.. Damn Brees, Fraudgers and Mahomo went down in flames.. And I know you are still out there, I am waiting to annihilate you Come on Brady haters take on this *BIG DOG*

  • Xavier Edwards
    Xavier Edwards

    Tom Brady motivated AB to re-sign with the Bucs! Just like he motivates his teammates to play better!

  • Ericツ

    Skip finna take back all the AB comments if he had made it in KC, and obviously praise Brady to the highest order.

  • jon crall
    jon crall

    Its a sad story how AB like Tyson had the wrong people feeding him. Lost miilions upon millions. But like Tyson im so glad he found someone who cares enough to shape him up. Its easy to sit back and watch. takes a goat to step in

  • Maurice Mendez
    Maurice Mendez

    Don't forget Florida has a lot more to offer than Liberal States. Especially during Covid lockdown.

  • David Allen
    David Allen

    Butter his bread ? Omg skip wtf

  • Barry G. Gould
    Barry G. Gould

    i know Seattle talked to ab as well as kc. what was Seattle offering him?

  • Toni DeMaio
    Toni DeMaio

    Shannon stop flip flopping. You know you wanted AB with the chiefs ... Tom Brady is the MAN

  • Mr Black Man
    Mr Black Man

    Skip a blind witness to Brady and unc shay a witness to Bron.

  • Freddy Gonzalez
    Freddy Gonzalez

    Salty Shannon Sharps always hating on Tom Brady 😂

  • mangmans

    As a Brady fan, I don't like how people think they are the Favorite :(. ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.

  • Captain Eyebrows
    Captain Eyebrows

    Imagine if some of these athletes become Muslim or go to church they would unstoppable.

  • Charlie JAy
    Charlie JAy

    Shannon wrong and been wrong now he's sounding salty af.... smh just SMH

  • tim flames
    tim flames

    8th ring coming

  • tim flames
    tim flames

    Definitely back to back superbowl win coming for sure. No doubt about that. Same exact team as last year but going to be way better this year. Plus no Drew Brees. Going to be a walk in the park

  • Danny

    Shannon backtracking on Ab to the Chiefs faster than Dion in his prime 😂

  • nangraham1

    Why are ALL the analysts focused on the lack of trust for AB and not the fact that AB resigned. Cult??? Do they all meet up and make sure they have the same talking points before going to their network?

  • Daryl Paulk
    Daryl Paulk

    Butters his bread?🤦🏾‍♂️😆😆😆 Better than anybody has buttered his bread before.

  • Productive Citizen
    Productive Citizen

    Go BUCS!!!

  • Jaime Montejano
    Jaime Montejano

    Tom came, saw,and conquered. He turned the franchise around,and turned AB around too, how can Shannon hate on him is just mind blowing. The man was the QB, offensive coordinador and life counselor, come on...

  • Alex Hines
    Alex Hines

    Where is the compliants when Brady builds a super team? Because people pile on LeBron when he does it?

  • bosoxpride

    Another long season of blah blah blah for Rob Parker & Sharp....

  • Kkk Poop
    Kkk Poop

    Shanon a hater

  • Keith Jr
    Keith Jr

    That Giovanni Bernard signing is underrated. Tom Brady is at his deadliest when he has a good pass catching RB, like his days with Kevin Faulk and even James White. Plus he has all those WRs and TEs

  • Ton Palacios
    Ton Palacios

    Come on we all knew AB was gonna re-sign, Brady stood by him and helped him win a ring.

  • Ant Anderson
    Ant Anderson

    Great To See AB Back Again & Not Cutting Up

  • yung boolin
    yung boolin

    I bet LeShannon heated his bf mahomo didn't get another weapon 😭😭🤣🤣

  • will ellis
    will ellis

    Tom Brady is as important to football as John Wooden is to the creation of Basketball. Tom is single handedly the most important person to ever come anywhere near the game of Football....on any level.

  • New Trucker Marv HighMiles
    New Trucker Marv HighMiles

    Shannon is such a hater of AB..I honestly think he wants to see him fail!!!