'I'm gonna say Jimmy G will move back to Foxborough' - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Yesterday, when talking with reporters about Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Shanahan said quote, 'I can’t guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive on Sunday, so I can’t guarantee who will be on our roster.' This quickly led to speculation that the New England Patriots could trade for Jimmy G. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss this report about Jimmy G's future with the 49ers. Skip thinks 'Jimmy G will no longer be a 49er after the Draft' and will end up in Foxborough.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
'I'm gonna say Jimmy G will move back to Foxborough' - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Will the Patriots trade for Jimmy Garoppolo?

    • gz

      Trade him for cousins

    • Mark V
      Mark V

      No when they can get Fields!

    • E702

      Reports say yes 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Drae82 andrae
      Drae82 andrae

      @BigBoyGeorge they need a QB

    • Drae82 andrae
      Drae82 andrae

      @T HOFF the Patriots should trade up and get a QB I would say Dallas but Caleb Farley tested positive for covid-19 so Dallas might not trade their pick.

  • Taylor Pack
    Taylor Pack

    Jimmy is a good quarterback he just can’t stay healthy.

  • robertk2007

    Wrong again.... skip

  • Al Miller
    Al Miller

    Another dumb prediction by skip. Criminal we gave this guy suck money. Who likes this guy?

  • RR96

    Skip is a puppet. Anything with substance or controversy, and he lays in his back like a whipped puppy.

  • aron nelson
    aron nelson

    4:39 is so sad for a 49ers fan.

  • Daniel McAllister
    Daniel McAllister

    Nice suit Skip

  • Iced Up Patriot
    Iced Up Patriot

    Shannon hit that Gucci mane line: “WELL DAYUM!!”

  • Randy Schwartz
    Randy Schwartz

    You guys are idiots if you think pats trading for this bum....in 5 years as a starter he has finished 2 healthy...as a starter in NE we needed him for 4 games....he couldn't make it only made it through 1 ... Then he blows a 10 point lead in the Super Bowl....i don't care who the coach is a real QB knows how to keep a lead...im out on this bum you send me him he best be comming with compensation.

  • gz

    Trade jimmy for cousins.

  • jjack flash
    jjack flash

    Why not Jimmy G to NE, after all he said he was better than Brady.

  • DseJboOfficial

    If San Fran was smart they'd Draft Penni Sewell and Build off of that to keep Grappalo

  • mrshy2u

    Niners already have a QB. They traded up to pick the BEST player in the draft: Kyle Pitts. Imagine Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle, and Pitts. Good luck defending that passing game.

  • Logan McChesney
    Logan McChesney

    Shannon and Skip got drip today

  • Ronald Russoe
    Ronald Russoe

    Enough with Jimmy G bashing, The real reason the Niners lost that superbowl two words KYLE SHANAHAN

  • Ronald Russoe
    Ronald Russoe

    The Niners didn't lose the superbowl because of Jimmy G, they lost because of Kyle Shanahan's ego, he just had to show everyone that he was a"genius" play caller and if the Niners won it had to be because of him just like he did when he botched a 28-3 lead against the pats.

  • Casa Franca
    Casa Franca

    Jimmy g and Jared Goff are the most babied quarterbacks in the NFL where they're not forced to do anything down the field and then when you expect them to do something down the field they can't produce I want to say part of the fault is on the coaching staff but both of those teams were so good that they didn't need to have a vertical offense to succeed

  • Jeff Schwartz
    Jeff Schwartz

    Bad play calling doomed Jimmy in SB and same for Matt Ryan in 17 SB. Hmmm what’s the common thread?

  • Mike Resse
    Mike Resse

    Funny told me I can go shopping for the groceries but you want to write the list

  • br 1251
    br 1251

    Brady winning without Belichick in his first year has given his haters permanent psychological damage that will NEVER be healed. Their last resort was to hold onto the narrative "Brady can't win without Belichick" or "He's a system qb that can only win with Belichick". Now that these arguments have been stripped away from them, the haters are like an ex-girlfriend or divorced women who never gets over it and whines about it all day while pretending to not care and suffering from repeated mental breakdowns lol.

    • Mark Jackson
      Mark Jackson


  • Hassan CHRIST/\HOLIC Gilchrist
    Hassan CHRIST/\HOLIC Gilchrist

    FYI: JIMMY G IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING THE NEXT GOAT BRADY 🤣🤣🤣🤣 TRY AGAIN BILL. (HEY UNC, I shop like that at the grocery store all the time) 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hassan CHRIST/\HOLIC Gilchrist
    Hassan CHRIST/\HOLIC Gilchrist

    Jimmy G can get you to a Superbowl, HE just can Win one- There's a difference UNCLE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Maurice Mendez
    Maurice Mendez

    Nobody digs that knife deeper than Shannon. Lmao!!!!

  • patepic

    Did Shannon say the chiefs said we ain’t going to let you run the football did he watch that game the chiefs said it themselves thank god they stopped running the ball cause it was working kyle pulled a falcons

  • Rene Avalos
    Rene Avalos

    This show is a bunch of generalities and dumb rhetoricals

  • Luke Moloney
    Luke Moloney

    Pat's to take best available and take Kyle Trask in the second.

  • Benjamin Ten
    Benjamin Ten

    49ers should Go Out There And get Cam Newton !!!!! As A 2 .

  • Jeff Warren Anderson
    Jeff Warren Anderson

    Good Lord. This is crazy... it seems my 9ers have got themselves into lose, lose deal. Jimmy G's won the vast majority of his games... like we all know... THE main problem, is that he misses over half the games. Not keeping Jimmy G if they draft Jones... is a train wreck of a transition... all the way down to Jimmy and Mac having the same number.

  • Tsunami Rob
    Tsunami Rob

    They did not stop the run 49ers just stop running 🤣🤣

  • James Graham
    James Graham

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      Franklin Williams

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    • Floyd Moyes
      Floyd Moyes

      Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him.

    • Eric Nelson
      Eric Nelson

      Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him. I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫

  • Eusebie Gherman
    Eusebie Gherman

    It seems so simple, of course, the professional talking heads are not paid to analyze, they are paid to create controversy. The 9ers draft whoever (MJ, JF, TL...maybe even Zach if NY decides to go with Fields...) THEN, the 9ers new prized rookie is...a...backup QB (who'da thunk?). The first time Jimmy G goes down (and durability is really the only knock on him) the new prized rooky backup QB takes the reins. If the rook does great, wellllll...Garapplo gets shopped, if the rook falls on his face, JG is entrenched and plays out his contract. I really do not understand what all the confusion is about - other than the professional "sports analysts" aka professional controversy spinning talking heads.

  • Frank Things
    Frank Things

    I maintain the only reason Belichick let Jimmy G go was because he needed 2017 Jacksonville tape

    • Benjamin Ten
      Benjamin Ten


  • Jared Thomas
    Jared Thomas

    pats know jimmy g more than most, but i don't see it happening still. they want lance imo

    • Benjamin Ten
      Benjamin Ten

      Trade block rite now !!!

  • Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s
    Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s

    Jimmy G is literally a better looking Nathan Peterman Or Josh Rosen take ur pick.

  • Edgar Quero
    Edgar Quero

    But but but but but skip!

  • Keith Jr
    Keith Jr

    Bro I wanna see vaccinated Cam with his weapons back, I’m not gonna sleep on him yet

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee

      Gone ahead and take ya a nap, Cam is done. Washed up and NE sees it. Jones has his job by mid season

    • Teri Kay
      Teri Kay

      @Keith Jr Jimmy G to Pats will not be for 25 million a year as it is now. Cam took a pay cut. Having both of them as a discount isn’t a bad idea if they’re cool with it

    • Keith Jr
      Keith Jr

      @Sith_lord_steve okay kid

    • Sith_lord_steve

      Cam is washed up trash.......

  • jay Thomas
    jay Thomas

    Bye jimmy

  • 3natural Bionutrition®
    3natural Bionutrition®

    If shanhan and lynch dont like jimmy g then they should fire themselves. they evaluated jimmy g and signed him to that ridiculous contract. at this point you have to question their ability to proficiently evaluate the quarterback position.

  • Robbie Gee
    Robbie Gee

    Either one will be great. A Jimmy G return will rock, but I feel that Mac is the next TB12 starting in 2022.

    • Robbie Gee
      Robbie Gee

      @The 100th Time Lord there’s no other Brady. But Mac looks good. And I meant zapper because he changed his name to Mac…

    • The 100th Time Lord
      The 100th Time Lord

      @Robbie Gee Lol I wasn't talking about sponsors. I'm talking about the expectations that Mac is gonna be a HoFer right out the bat for the Patriots and lead them to another 20 year dynasty

    • Robbie Gee
      Robbie Gee

      @The 100th Time Lord Jones is already sponsored by Apple. Hype much?

    • The 100th Time Lord
      The 100th Time Lord

      Chill with the TB12 talk. Don't burden that kid with unrealistic expectations right out the gate

  • Daniel Pietruczuk
    Daniel Pietruczuk

    Skippy you stick to your predictions like Brendon Weeden top 3 player of his draft, Tebow being great in football and other bs

  • Grossi Family
    Grossi Family

    I trust Kyle Shanahan hes done alot with less

  • pete asarisi
    pete asarisi

    Stop it. Jimmy worth a late 4th at best

  • Christian Roberts
    Christian Roberts

    Dang so just because he lost the SB replace him? Dang 😹😹😹🤦🏾‍♂️

  • goodfella637

    lmao all those jimmy g chants been real quiet

    • goodfella637

      @The Source History repeats itself

    • The Source
      The Source

      The 49ers missed up once already by drafting Alex Smith instead of the bad man that he is Aaron Rodgers, only a fool repeats the same common sense mistake twice.

  • Z Steve
    Z Steve

    Jimmy G is more like GG

  • Natasha cutie pie
    Natasha cutie pie

    Please somebody take that man so they can leave my Pats out of it. Jesus.

    • Benjamin Ten
      Benjamin Ten

      Jesus is real leave Jesus out of this

  • Nathaniel Saez
    Nathaniel Saez

    lol except the Chiefs didn’t take away what the 49ers did best. San Francisco was averaging around 6.7 yards per carry that game. They fact that they put the ball in the hands of Jimmy G at all was mind boggling and it he repaid that idea by going what, 3-11 with an INT and a soul crushing missed deep ball?

  • Daddy Truthy
    Daddy Truthy

    Like the choice of both suits, KEEP IT UP UNC AND SKIP

    • DuderMcBroBlaster

      Best dressed in the business.

    • Nagato Uzumaki
      Nagato Uzumaki

      they do stay fresh

  • Big Ape
    Big Ape

    Jimmy g is 28 I'm all set too many injurys just draft a quarterback

  • John Kemp
    John Kemp

    49ers taking TE best player n draft

  • Rick Bonilla
    Rick Bonilla

    You don't go with your gut feeling when you give up 3 years of 1st rd picks to move up to draft a QB your planning on having for the next 10-15 years, you study and scout all your options until it's time to make your final decision. The last thing you wanna do is second guess yourself because you didn't do all your homework when it's final exam time.

  • Jacob Viscarra
    Jacob Viscarra

    Jimmy g to Washington

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G

    Jimmy G is 🗑 and injury prone. He made the superbowl, only because he had a great defense and a good running game.


    Redskins I bet

  • craig brown
    craig brown

    Jimmy G is over scrutinized

  • Deco James
    Deco James

    If shanahan choked into super bowls you should have known he was going to choke in the draft too Deco d

  • Cheetos Leopard
    Cheetos Leopard

    Jimmy to Chicago


    Jimmy G is a game manager who always manages to get injured.

    • Shawn Clapper
      Shawn Clapper

      Will see what happens I agree with George KITTLE he's our QB AND THAT CHIN LINE!!🏈🏆

    • The Mastermind
      The Mastermind


  • Zachary Gippe
    Zachary Gippe

    Should have signed Tom Brady when they had the chance


    Man Shannon suit is on point man he looks great

    • OH BOI
      OH BOI

      He is always dripping

  • gogetit083

    If Jimmy goes back to NE there's a good chance he doesn't beat Cam out of being a starter.

  • Yung E
    Yung E

    Pls no damn Mac Jones

  • Marcelo Soprano
    Marcelo Soprano

    Jimmy G would be nice on the Giants or Patriots . Daniel Jones is a BUST

    • Finn Jake
      Finn Jake

      @Marcelo Soprano the giants making the playoffs this season. In Daniel Jones we trust. Let's goooo

    • Marcelo Soprano
      Marcelo Soprano

      @Finn Jake Bust Goat of all time for a number one

    • Finn Jake
      Finn Jake

      Daniel Jones is the GOAT

  • Riteous Right Hand
    Riteous Right Hand

    The funny part is, KC wasn't really stopping the run. The 49ers just stopped running.

    • Riteous Right Hand
      Riteous Right Hand

      @Xhoven I mean, it's the truth, so far.

    • Xhoven

      Shanahan is the 75¢ coach. He's only good for three quarters. Lol.

    • The 100th Time Lord
      The 100th Time Lord

      @Riteous Right Hand I remember thinking that SF was playing so good, no way they give up a 10 pt lead. Then Jimmy G panicked, the defense made some mistakes, and y'all lost. TB12 showed us what to do when you have a comfortable lead: you run the damn ball and bleed the clock. This shouldn't be a hard concept to grasp and execute. Shanahan failed to do this both times with the Falcons and the 49ers

    • Riteous Right Hand
      Riteous Right Hand

      @The 100th Time Lord he started that way. Then, I dunno. I guess he either wanted to make Jimmy win the game, or.... Knew he couldn't, and that would go a long way to getting rid of JG. We were up what, 10 points with 6 minutes to play? And then I think we had 2 straight possessions take less than a minute off the clock.....lol.

    • The 100th Time Lord
      The 100th Time Lord

      @Riteous Right Hand You would think after that run game took over in the NFC title game, that Shanahan would keep doing the same thing in the SB

  • john dopson
    john dopson

    What's the common denominator in the Falcons and 49ers Super Bowl losses? Kyle Shanahan. He sucks as a coach.

  • William Hill
    William Hill

    Shannahan's thought the world of cousin's too! Remember that?

    • The 100th Time Lord
      The 100th Time Lord

      Cousins is much better than Jimmy G. If the Vikings get a better defense, they could do some damage in the NFC

    • William Hill
      William Hill

      @Invincible ah na he isn't

    • Invincible

      And cousins is good

  • William Hill
    William Hill

    How fast jimmy g got to the sb as a starter! 1 an a half seasons! With 49ers! Boom they in the sb!

    • Shawn Clapper
      Shawn Clapper

      PREACH THE GOSPEL my bro Not to mention he's got a great chin line I'm tired of so called fans who disrespects someone who brought us back from the dead other than Jim H area they fired him we seen what took place for a min or so

  • William Hill
    William Hill

    Let McDaniel get him back! An see what happens!

  • Sierra Symone
    Sierra Symone

    How do they always forget that Damien Williams got that long TD run that ended the game, if Jimmy G hits Emmanuel sanders the game still might have been over anyways 🤦

  • Mista Idgaf
    Mista Idgaf

    The rookie most likely

  • wakawaka1976

    $100 worth of groceries is eggs and milk nowadays

  • Jeff Saint
    Jeff Saint

    Sometimes keeping a sub par talented team together for a long time learning the system is better than trading away the deck of cards.

  • wakawaka1976

    People still trying to throw cover for Jimmy while they are still trying to burry Tom.


    I say listen people!! Get me on the show.. How about they NE that is trades Cam Newton and picks to 49ers for Jimmy G. 49ers select Trey Lance or Justin Fields #3 pick. The only scenario I see Cam is the bridge to the young QBs

  • Dust Devil
    Dust Devil

    Matt Cassell > Jimmy G

  • Joe

    49ers are a decent qb away from going back to the sb, easy decision.

  • Eric Darden
    Eric Darden

    Jimmy G is a girly mouth QB... Kyle wants...if it ain't rough, it ain't me...

  • Nate Bucher
    Nate Bucher

    Bill isn't paying him 25M, they don't even have the space. Only two teams in the league (one is jags) even have the space to take him. He's gonna get cut, if not then he will restructure and they will get at best a 4th rounder

  • shiv mirani
    shiv mirani

    Cam Newton will be the QB of the pats and they making the playoffs with him. Jimmy G ain’t better

  • RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy
    RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy

    The Mac Jones hype is ridiculous man 🤣

  • Ralph Delso
    Ralph Delso

    Jimmy and a second round pick to denver for the #9 pick and that pick being patrick surtain ll

  • Ryan Spencer Lauderdale
    Ryan Spencer Lauderdale

    If the Niners pick Mac Jones, they’re essentially picking Mitchell Trubisky.

  • William Moreno
    William Moreno

    The 49ers stopped running the ball. The chiefs didn't stop the run.

    • William Hill
      William Hill

      Dumb choke shannahan! Speak on it like that skip" shannon" oh noooo way they do thaaat!


    Im still looking for Ole Jimmy after that superbowl flopping.

    • Marcos Morfin
      Marcos Morfin

      Good luck

  • lsufootballfanpage official
    lsufootballfanpage official

    Trade Jimmy G to the Patriots on Day 1 and get their 1st plus some mid-late round picks

  • Michael Free
    Michael Free

    Jimmy got traded cause he wanted to get paid

  • K xXPACK8Xx
    K xXPACK8Xx

    Why do some think Jimmy G would ever go back to NE? If the Niners trade him, he will request a few teams and the Patriots will not be on that list. The Niners will respect his wishes cuz he brought them to the SB. He said after being traded that he didn’t like NE.

    • Number 3 Stunner
      Number 3 Stunner

      I never heard that. That's interesting...

  • Þórarinn Snorrason
    Þórarinn Snorrason

    That SB game was the final straw I believe. Shanahan just face palming every time in the second half.

  • Jorge Tarango
    Jorge Tarango

    What about keep him as a back up, let’s be honest. He will not be the starting QB anywhere else


    Alabama qbs are trash

  • John Stone
    John Stone

    No, they would have to pick up his expensive contract with SF, plus, he can't stay healthy. Not worth the expense or the risk.

  • Michael Spencer
    Michael Spencer

    I’d rather have Cam over Jimmy G at this point. Jimmy G will get hurt. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Cam was derailed last year when got Covid. He was never the same. And he had no weapons.

  • Jordan Gate
    Jordan Gate

    They need to. Do it! Homecoming Jimmy G. This would be awesome

    • lx squiggles lx
      lx squiggles lx

      You sir are an idiot.

    • calum fitzpatrick
      calum fitzpatrick

      For a guy who never healthy?

    • The Casino Coin Bro
      The Casino Coin Bro

      I’m ok on that.

    • Tischare Walker
      Tischare Walker

      Bruh no it wouldn't we just paid Cam smh draft a rookie let him sit half the season behind can nd let the guy have a chance at returning to form jimmy more brittle than derrick rose

  • Jo King
    Jo King

    Jimmy INT

  • chill6789

    I have been saying he's Jimmy Garbage from the 9ers got him, almost 3 or 4 years ago now they are faced with a decision whether to draft a rookie QB IMO no matter who SF ends up with there not going to be the same team as they were when they went to the SB How many starters on defense are still there from that SB team It seems like every year they want to improve there offense, but they keep letting starters from the defense go

  • Hector Cornejo
    Hector Cornejo

    Better not, we dont need a injured benchwarmer.

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly

    Take a look at his contract......Bill might like him but not that much .

  • N` chan
    N` chan

    I think they moved up to get kyle pitts. Then they will play a 2 TE set n have 2 of the 5 best te in the game

    • Scotty Hong
      Scotty Hong

      Give up 2 first rounders for kyle pitts. Idk about that.

  • King Collins
    King Collins

    If Bill can't get a young QB... one of the top 5. Then he will trade for Jimmy, but he ain't trading no 1st so 49ers can kick the rocks on that lol. Best case scenario is pats draft fields or Lance and the bears trade for Jimmy G

  • chill6789

    The point is SF realized they gave too much $ to a bust qb Now they're trying get something better in return