Skip Bayless breaks downs why Kevin Durant is better than James Harden & Kyrie | NBA | UNDISPUTED
The Brooklyn Nets have seen all 3 of their stars playing well at different points this season, and James Harden even played himself into the MVP conversation before dealing with a hamstring injury. While Kevin Durant might be the most accomplished of the Nets’ big 3, he also has missed plenty of games with his own injuries. Kyrie Irving has been the healthiest of the 3 as Brooklyn currently sits tied with the 76ers for the 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Hear who Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe believe is the best player on the Nets.
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Skip Bayless breaks downs why Kevin Durant is better than James Harden & Kyrie | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Is Kevin Durant better than James Harden and Kyrie Irving?

    • Great Canyon
      Great Canyon

      I like that about this one.... who's most valuable in content Sharpie or Drip? Sum of us..just wanna know?

    • King Jeff
      King Jeff

      Harden is better

    • King Jeff
      King Jeff


    • Doug Hairston
      Doug Hairston

      @The Nation yes lebron is the best the last 18 years

    • Elijah

      Yes, KD is a the best of the three. That’s not a knock on Harden nor Kyrie though , It’s a compliment to KD because WE ALL know how great Kyrie & Harden are 🗣 !!!

  • Chef Jose Soto
    Chef Jose Soto

    Skip us getting paid by KD

  • Victor Eggleston
    Victor Eggleston

    We never seen no body like kd. Ppl just don't like him. Have played 1 half ..come out. And killing them...stop it...AD....not even 15 point a game. Back...stop it

  • Pj Pj
    Pj Pj

    None of these guys have any durability....when on the bulls how many games did Jordan miss...simple question.....mvp...none of these guys have played half the season.joke

  • Hermis Getwater
    Hermis Getwater

    they're still the better duo than stephen a. and max.

  • Gerald Aliseni
    Gerald Aliseni

    KD is the most efficient.. Unpopular opinion: Harden is their best player. Kyrie: most skilled.

  • Kendal Takeshita
    Kendal Takeshita

    People who talk about KD not having a 50 point triple double is not a good argument. Let's face it, no one cares about defense in the regular season. James Harden gets worse in the playoffs while KD gets better. I won't deny that Harden can pass and dribble better but I would pick KD anyday

  • Ryan Bishop
    Ryan Bishop

    KD is a SF, he shouldn't be nor have to "facilitate" an offense. Let's just make that clear. And KD makes it easy for them because of how dangerous he is. KD is better than Kyrie and Harden.

  • Lone Wolf NWJ
    Lone Wolf NWJ

    Shannon Sharpe Description is accurate

  • xx1j

    James Harden should've been a 4x League MVP right now, so he's better and is more meaningful than KD's 2 rings

  • Mufuh Njoh
    Mufuh Njoh

    Shannon is Jealous of KD

  • Jalenciaga

    We don’t need this, we know KD is better

  • JOJO

    Harden Nasty Kevin A War God

  • Francis Schuessler
    Francis Schuessler

    No sh*t. Of course KD is better. Why is this even being broken down 😂

  • MrThegerald92

    Because he’s 7-ft tall, next needless discussion

  • Jackson Beamon
    Jackson Beamon

    They can’t win without KD they could without harden

  • Supa Piffy
    Supa Piffy

    🤷🏾 Why does skip act as if KD only played 3 years in GS and that's his career He just glosses over OKC days

  • Carlos Barillas
    Carlos Barillas

    I don’t think anyone disagrees with this. It’s KD’s team

  • SugarRay2

    KD is the beat player on the Nets but, Harden is the better playmaker and leader!

  • Mathew Zalusky
    Mathew Zalusky

    Disagree with Shannon here. The only way Harden has a chance at a Finals MVP with Brooklyn is if KD misses time in the Finals

  • Vking P
    Vking P

    Why people don’t understand Harden has the most impact for the nets. He’s the key for them to win this year. Only Max Kellerman and Shannon understand it😂

  • joe duru
    joe duru

    kd is their best and clutchest and most valuable

  • will liam
    will liam

    A 3-point shot is harder to score but EASIER to take. These guys all doing long shots because they find it harder to take a closer shot. So it's a toss up whether they really clutch or great

  • edwin Hunnet
    edwin Hunnet

    Give kd prime dwade and Chris Bosh and send lebron to okc with westbrook and we’ll see.

  • joshua hall
    joshua hall

    Nets were literally blowing teams out before the harden trade lol. KD and kyrie just didn’t play back to backs.

    • MurkyHyperion35

      They were 5-6 before the harden trade

  • Andy

    Kyrie isn't even the most clutch player. KD is still more clutch. Harden and KD is better than Kyrie at everything. That's why every team Kyrie led had sucked.

  • SuperRoloTomasi

    Head case at point Glass Joe I mean Durant And You know Hardens contracts end after the first round so....

  • orancoo

    Kyrie has been the most clutch on every team he has played for Shay Shay.

    • Douglas Bryant
      Douglas Bryant

      Boston Celtics: "Yeah, Right"

  • Real TV
    Real TV

    I agree with Shannon, KD the best, Harden the most valuable to their team!

  • Daniel Tayong
    Daniel Tayong

    Harden is the key because he is the QB of their offense. He is the facilitator!

  • bproducer

    Nets don’t need KD, they’re stacked 😂

  • Winnin’ Like 96
    Winnin’ Like 96

    Shannon hate KD man...gahlee lol

  • Sean Kerrigan
    Sean Kerrigan

    KD averaged 33 against Bron in the Finals before steph and Klay 👀 Shannon does know that he couldve found that out with a click of a button right on google right. Hes always hating on KD

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell

    I agree with Skip, and Kevin Durant is fire, and can shoot with the best of them. Kevin Durant didn't have no support with out of James Harden and Russell Westbrook on Oklahoma team. Warriors lost brought Kevin Durant to the Warriors and they won and he was the MVP. Stephen Curry can't carry a team to a championship win, he's need other shooters around him.

  • retro331

    Who is thinking James Harden is even in that conversation? Hes decent, not super. Compared to kyrie and KD they are just delusional

  • SA 826
    SA 826

    Shannon so annoying

  • Jonathan May
    Jonathan May

    Lol I can’t believe this is even a question, KD is way better and valuable than Harden

  • Chris Tucker
    Chris Tucker

    Boy every time Skip talk about KD he always bring up that KD made that shot in Game 3 in back 2 back Finals. Like find something else to say about KD🤣

    • Sh7ncho

      Dagger threes are overrated. Skip is trying to create a narrative that lebron was full of hope, that he felt like he had a chance to win, but after that one single three pointer of kd he bursted out in tears, never saw a chance of winning a single game or a series in his career.

  • Brick Lord
    Brick Lord

    Why does skip continue to make excuses for durant dude joined the warriors to guarantee a ring he is a bum he is scared tired of ppl talking bad about Westbrook he is warriors he not scared to go against the best

  • god complexion
    god complexion

    Skip is the least VALUABLE person on his show and I'm adding the girl ...

  • grandmaster3211

    Kd is not better. Think about it, Kd has had an mvp point guard his whole career. He never had to dictate a team, just comes in iso and score. You can't be better than someone that averaged a triple double, changed the game, and best scorer and passer combination the nba has seen in harden. He's always hurt in his career at some point, so he can't back it up.

    • Juicy Jay
      Juicy Jay

      Thank you!

  • Tommy Ross
    Tommy Ross

    Skip is 100% Correct

  • Kareem Johnson
    Kareem Johnson

    You can't over look 7 ok years to acknowledge 2 really good years. Thts not how it works....

  • MastermindRell

    agree with sharpe.without harden will be suspect

  • GymHustle

    I've seen enough playoff Harden to know that in terms of importance it's: KD 1st, Kyrie 2nd, and Harden 3rd

    • GymHustle

      @Ryan Baumgart It doesn't matter who I think is the best player. 1. Harden was the Franchise player, not a old pg. 2. CP3 wasn't w Harden his whole career so let's stop looking for ppl to blame for Hardens disasters.

    • Ryan Baumgart
      Ryan Baumgart

      @GymHustle but you say cp3 was the best player. If that's the case you can't blame harden

    • GymHustle

      @Ryan Baumgart Yes when your best player game drops off in the playoffs he's not a clutch player... what is so difficult to understand. And let's not act as though that is the only yr that we're talking about. Harden has not just loss in the biggest games in the playoffs but he has flamed out in those losses. stop the bs

    • Ryan Baumgart
      Ryan Baumgart

      @GymHustle but you're clearly I'm your feelings about cp3.... So let me get this straight. Cp3 the "best player" gets hurt like he always does. so the guy who's been carrying that franchise for like 6 years does what he's been doing for 6 years to make that team relevant and looses 2 games in a row to a team with the 2 best shooters ever and arguably the best overall scorer the nba has ever seen. Even though the team it's self missed like 20 straight 3s or something like that. However the second or first best player in league history could only get one game against the same team...

    • GymHustle

      @Ryan Baumgart It doesn't make sense to ppl who are into their feelings about another man. I say that cp3 was the best player... the NBA doesn't agree. CP3 was 33, Harden was the franchise player. In the Closeout games Harden started playing the way that he has always played in big games in the playoffs. Regular season, he's a different player, he's a beast. Playoffs... not so much.

  • Monkey King
    Monkey King

    Patrick McCaw has a three peat. Lebron does not. McCaw for goat

  • Killa Kev Dogg
    Killa Kev Dogg

    Shannon should just talk about football. He's so unlearned on every other subject.

  • BX81

    As much as sharp swallow le flop... He can swallow that KD is the best player on the planet. -George Washington

  • Stang

    Talent & Skills doesn't win you rings. Strength of Character is key to greatness

  • Ruler of Worlds
    Ruler of Worlds

    Kd doesn’t have to set up the offense that’s not his job as a sf Message sharpe

  • Will Inneed
    Will Inneed

    Man thats a tough team to beat

  • jelly K
    jelly K

    Did Skip just admit the lakers would reach the nba finals?


    Skip bayless we are talking the same language

  • Aaron Fennell-Chametzky
    Aaron Fennell-Chametzky

    Then why does Skip have Harden in his top 20 all time but not KD?

  • Mark Bantz
    Mark Bantz

    Shannon is correct!

  • june jeong
    june jeong

    I think most people agree KD is the BEST player on the planet!

  • cousinalex85

    This show is fkn trash when they talk about lakers and clippers. Shannon stays gobbling brons balls.

  • Coach Slim!
    Coach Slim!

    Skip loves to taken shots at King James. The question is about the Nets but ole skip finds a way

  • daquan beamon
    daquan beamon

    If lebron was up 2-0 in a finals series and he hit a 3 with a minute left on the clock, to put them up, would skip call this clutch? I highly doubt it.

  • TerribleTom Vu
    TerribleTom Vu

    Skip -POS

  • saad salman
    saad salman

    Shannon still mad cause of that L he took on Twitter against Kd🤣🤣

    • Mufuh Njoh
      Mufuh Njoh

      Hahahah you can see the anger on Shannon face bruh hhahahahah. It jealousy

  • cyber6sapien

    Kevin Durant is the most talented of the three but Kyrie is the most clutch, like Shannon said.

  • Brent Thompson
    Brent Thompson

    Finally a non negative topic concerning Kevin Durant wow. And Shanno payroll Sharp its just sad to see him sell his soul on national TV. So when KD was on GSW he was the best player but not the most important player. Now KD is the best player on the Nets but now the James Harden that he said wouldn't work on that team is the most important player lol. Anything to not state the obvious that KD is better then Lebum and the best player in the league

  • Justin 23
    Justin 23

    Kd was never and will never be the best player while he playing he just can’t be

  • The lazy man
    The lazy man

    KD joined superteam to get the ring... Remember that old man.

    • MK7 Wars
      MK7 Wars

      Lebron joined superteam to get the ring... Remember that old man.


    Harden is thier most valuable player by a wide margin when he doesn't play they are 500 when he plays they win he makes the team better with his playmaking scoring when needed and his much improved defense

    • Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen
      Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen

      Was just like that with the warriors and who won finals MvP

  • Phers Natividad
    Phers Natividad

    Durant is the best player of the planet😅😅 in a super team twice 😅😅 Skip ur fooling Ur self 😅😅

  • Pablo Cuneo
    Pablo Cuneo

    They (KD, Harden and Kyrie) are equal. Really they make the Nets unbeatable.

  • Veteran_Influencers

    Skip: “Kevin Durant has knocked my socks off.” Me: “Paaaaaaaaauuuuuuuussssseeee”

    • Veteran_Influencers

      @Ryan Bishop facts

    • Veteran_Influencers

      @Ty Stuntin facts

    • Veteran_Influencers

      @J. beamo facts

    • Veteran_Influencers

      @Ay Smoov nope. Lol

    • Ryan Bishop
      Ryan Bishop

      😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Timmy Allen
    Timmy Allen

    HaHaaa, skip is still sticking with that weak talk about how KD won back to back finals MVP awards oh he came down and shot a jumper in LEBRON'S face. That argument is soooo weak bc KD had no pressure whatsoever on him when he played for the Golden State Warriors. What happened when KD had them down 3 games to 1??? He lost, and you know why? That "pressure" hahaaaaa🤭

  • I'm foolish
    I'm foolish

    Why do we even how to explain why k.d is better?? Harden doesnt show up in the playoffs and kyrie will just leave the team to go party for no reason nuff said..

  • Gregory Bartlett
    Gregory Bartlett

    Is this a discussion???? KD easily is better than James Harden

  • Rudy is a free man
    Rudy is a free man

    So if harden had gone to the warriors in 2017 instead of KD, then who would be better skip? Riiiiiiight umhmmm

  • Arvin Aguila
    Arvin Aguila

    Even though Shannon is a huge Bron fans he still give Steph his respect and Shay is has a point what did KD accomplished without Steph,klay and dray

    • Mufuh Njoh
      Mufuh Njoh

      @Arvin Aguila All grt bro. KD is a playoff monster. Step. LBJ don't have that heart He got.

    • Mufuh Njoh
      Mufuh Njoh

      Wow...You didn't see him playing with Russ. Who can accomplish anything with Russ.

    • Arvin Aguila
      Arvin Aguila

      @FunkyCichy KD is a great scorer but it didn't translate to winning a title at OKC he needs the splash bros and dray to accomplish it plus has won MVP award without KD

    • FunkyCichy

      to be fair though what has Russ accomplished without KD. Also KD was already one of the best scorers ever and won MVP.

  • acrobatmapping

    the trash man lol

  • Ryan Bodker
    Ryan Bodker

    KD is done, he will have chronic injuries for the rest of his career.

  • account.


  • KillaKai Bxny
    KillaKai Bxny

    Pay close attention to these type of discussions.... ANYBODY that says that ANYBODY is a better BBall player than Durant in this league, does NOT know BBall... Bron may be a better NBA player, due to the rules , but NOBODY in this era is better than KD... DEFINITELY not Harden or Kyrie smfh

    • Juicy Jay
      Juicy Jay

      KD is a great scorer, but Harden can get buckets and drop dimes. He’s won scoring titles and led the league in assists!

  • Thomas Hicks
    Thomas Hicks

    K. D. Was a JUGGERNAUT before he arrived at Golden State!!! Cold Blooded Killer!!

  • David Ruffin
    David Ruffin

    Skip overrates KD he's a great great scorer and he has physical gifts his height and arms with a smooth game still he has never been a guy to continuously pass the ball I don't look at KD like he got that Luka or dame or Lebron game or ability he is on another level as a scorer over all basketball player though he's not even top 10 all time(respectfully)

    • Juicy Jay
      Juicy Jay

      @David Ruffin I’ve been saying that same thing for years. KD is a great isolation scorer, maybe the best ever, but beyond that he’s average. His teams either stay the same or get better when he’s not playing!

    • David Ruffin
      David Ruffin

      @Jonathan George your opinion makes me none watched basketball over 20 years KD one on one guy not a passer not a team elevator same guy had to go to Golden State with a steph curry and Klay thompson and The Nets like come on Kyrie and them Harden he's a great player in space though it's laughable Kobe's two championships after shaq next 2nd best player was Paul gasol ‼️KD is not that Great great player in space basically unguardable himself though

    • Jonathan George
      Jonathan George

      Respectfully you don’t watch basketball

    • Juicy Jay
      Juicy Jay

      Thank you!

  • Original J
    Original J

    He’s positionless almost. He can do everything but play real post defense, which you don’t need anymore. A match up nightmare

  • OFW Chronicles World
    OFW Chronicles World

    implode implode implode...

  • Chris Doug
    Chris Doug

    james harden is their best player, hes able to facilitate the offense, kd and kyrie would not have a chance of winning a chip without harden.

    • Gerald Aliseni
      Gerald Aliseni

      @Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen with your reasoning it means every player with 1 chip is better than Allen Iverson..🤦🏿‍♂️ I can not go on with you..

    • Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen
      Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen

      @chris doug read comment

    • Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen
      Christos Tserukos doppelkinn cola flasche öffnen

      @Gerald Aliseni KD is by far better than harden KD got 2 chips Harden 0 And before someone says he had a super team Why did steph not win the MVP?? I think steph is better than harden?

    • Gerald Aliseni
      Gerald Aliseni

      Yep James is their best player..

    • Jon Jackson
      Jon Jackson

      Finally someone who understands

  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson

    Skip just always has to talk about that one shot KD hit over bron

    • I'm gay but
      I'm gay but

      Yeah because he hit it in the face of the Phony goat.

  • Walker

    Can't even respect Shannon until he apologizes PUBLICLY to KD for misquoting him.

  • JustCello

    Shannon you easily showing your dislike for kd lately it isn’t professional 💯

    • Shavarez Smith
      Shavarez Smith

      You should hear him talk about Antonio Brown

  • Reggie A
    Reggie A

    It's crazy that they need all three to compete with LeBron

    • MK7 Wars
      MK7 Wars

      Lebron has another top 5 player on his team in Anthony Davis and he also has a top center in the league in andre drummond. Tf you saying

  • Conard Elvy
    Conard Elvy

    Uncle Shannon r you still drinking? Sound like

    • Mufuh Njoh
      Mufuh Njoh

      For sure it's time to take him out from the set

  • sirsaracenknight

    Steph Curry won a championship without KD. KD won nothing without Steph Curry. Who needed who more? 👀

  • Tucker Johnson
    Tucker Johnson

    Next up: Skip Bayless breaks down why the sky is blue

  • Kid_TaktiX-916

    Only Skip can have the audacity to bring up KDs finals games when the question was who has been the MVP of this Brooklyn team this year. Smh

  • Law Black
    Law Black

    All skip is basing KD “clutch ness” on is the finals while he was on the best team ever!! 😭😂 There was literally never any adversity!!

    • Sh7ncho

      Skips dementia might have made him forget about the 3-1 lead kd blew himself

  • Kid_TaktiX-916

    Harden has been the MVP of that team easy. He’s made the rest of the team better and makes them most efficient. When it was just KD and Kyrie without harden, we saw holes and it wasn’t looking great. Harden showed up and showed that when KD went down, he was able to make them still look super strong. Harden made a lot of us forget that KD wasn’t even playing because they were still winning. They look better as a unit with Harden and Kyrie than when it was KD and Kyrie.

    • Sh7ncho

      @Mufuh Njoh nah thats just narrative. When kyrie was 'the man' on the celtics he choked wayy to hard. When KD was at okc he blew a 3-1 lead himself. We just tend to forget it

    • Mufuh Njoh
      Mufuh Njoh

      Regular season player. KD and Kyrie are playoffs superstar. You know that....


      That’s probably eating up kd in the inside🤣

  • Kris Topher
    Kris Topher

    It'll be pretty funny if the Nets and Clippers face off in the finals

  • JxBanksDaDripGod

    KD was never the best player in the league

  • Deangelo J
    Deangelo J

    Harden is the best hands down, kd has done nothing outside of the 73 win team

  • ZappakeR

    James Harden shrinks in the playoffs. Kevib Durant is brittle. Kyrie is a nutjob. There fixed it.

  • Galaxy Xm
    Galaxy Xm

    Yo if the nets go to the final and kyrie cook up like he did in 2016 😱

  • Gelateaux Capital
    Gelateaux Capital

    James harden makes this team different

  • Gelateaux Capital
    Gelateaux Capital

    KD needed the warriors to win a championship