Skip & Shannon on whether LeBron's "The Block" is the best defensive play ever | NBA | UNDISPUTED
During an interview with USA Today Sports, Kevin Love talked about how important the 2016 Finals Game 7 block from LeBron James was. Love said quote, 'I’ve said it before, I think it’s the greatest and most clutch block, maybe defensive play, of all time.' Hear whether Skip and Shannon believe if it was the best defensive play of all-time.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon on whether LeBron's "The Block" is the best defensive play ever | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Whom do you agree with: Skip or Shannon?

    • Nitty Gritty
      Nitty Gritty

      drip bayless

    • Nitty Gritty
      Nitty Gritty

      drip bayless

    • Jason Hardaway
      Jason Hardaway

      @Why Yoj dude it was a block from behind on a role player 😂 it’s not like he was guarding the guy one on one, which lets face it his defense is garbage compared to Jordan, the steal Jordan made on Malone is way more impressive as the player Jordan stole it from was the best player on the other team who by the way won the MVP in 99, he stole the ball and sealed the win, Lebrons block is a joke in comparison

    • Why Yoj
      Why Yoj

      @Jason Hardaway because I use facts too prove something then I get mad when you question my intelligence I’m sorry that I’m just a normal person who loves basketball and your a person who only likes basketball just Tom hate on lebron like idk how it’s possible to say this block is unimpressive but a steal is more impressive like I’m sorry it sounds like your hating even skip bay less gave the play props so you know your a hater when you hate lebron more than skip does and that’s just facts

    • Jason Hardaway
      Jason Hardaway

      @Why Yoj your just a Lebron fanatic

  • Big Ken
    Big Ken

    Shannon’s eyes at the beginning of the video🤣🤣🤣

  • 87crimson

    MJs game winning play against the Jazz on the 98 finals was the most clutch. People just remember that last jumper but right before that there was a HUGE steal by MJ that turned the tide of the game.

  • Chris Runyon
    Chris Runyon

    I'd say Birds steal from Thomas's inbound pass was the best ever


    Bicycle built for 2 is one of the dumbest things Skip has ever peddled (pun intended).

  • jeethha1

    Jordan steals the ball from Malone in the 1998 NBA Finals

  • Bmccarth315

    Anything lebrick does isn’t the best thing ever

  • anthony reynoza
    anthony reynoza

    I think ray allen shot is a bit overrated in terms of being the best shot. It didn't even win the game I would put jordans game winner over it and others honestly because they won the game.

  • The Wealthy Educator
    The Wealthy Educator

    Skip has outtrolled himself with this one. 😂😂😂

  • hp youtube
    hp youtube

    skip out here disrespecting kevin love forgetting that he was an all star before he even went to cleveland...check his numbers,K Love was a best !!

  • Darrion Jefferson
    Darrion Jefferson

    Y’all Lebron fans are insane this no chance the best and highest skilled defensive play ever, maybe the biggest but not the best. saying skips reaching when he’s not at all, you all just apparently want to have lebrons kids

  • Darrion Jefferson
    Darrion Jefferson

    Y’all riding lebron if u say that’s the BEST defensive play ever I’m lowkey tired of these bron fanboys

  • Trevor Langill
    Trevor Langill

    Tayshaun Prince’s chase down on Reggie Miller was pretty great too

  • Tre Ridley
    Tre Ridley

    The conversation was over when Sharpe said, “If Lebron doesn’t block the shot, does he score” simple enough lmao

  • Stephen Kirkwood
    Stephen Kirkwood

    I'm not a Lebron fan at all, but I'm fair and realistic. Skip is a hater. A block is a block.

  • David Pearson
    David Pearson

    Why don’t y’all talk about Lebrons post??? Since y’all talk about everything else that happens

  • Lucky Krueger
    Lucky Krueger

    If LeBron ain't block that. Iggy mightve scored. N kyrie shot may not have been possible or a winning shot

  • Damien Alexander
    Damien Alexander

    On May 7, 1995, Reggie Miller scored eight points in 8.9 seconds to beat the New York Knicks in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.That's the most clutch defense/offense sequence I've ever seen go down.

  • Pedro Cid
    Pedro Cid

    Skip needs to stop hating on LBJ

  • Juan Kukoc
    Juan Kukoc

    Saying what Jr did was greater is like saying what Chris Bosh did was greater than the Ray Allen Shot.

  • nodws mpo
    nodws mpo

    Skip could’ve ended this mans whole career if he brought up Chris Bosh’s rebound and pass to ray Allen as the greatest hustle play of all time

  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall

    Lebum shot 0-4 in the final 4 minutes of that game. The ONLY highlight was the block. And Kyrie clutch 3 pointer that won the game for them. Best defensive play ever? 😂🤣😂

  • Steven Salazar
    Steven Salazar

    This might be the worst take skip has ever had and that is saying A LOT

  • Kingly One
    Kingly One

    the block - Lebron the shot - Kyrie the stop - Love

  • Raymond Schuler
    Raymond Schuler

    Skip is a pure hater.

  • Sean Adachi
    Sean Adachi

    It can not be the best play since it was actually goal tending per NBA officals after review. Pinning the ball is goal tending. Basket good warrios win. Lebron was given the championship. Rule No. 11, Section I, e. RULE NO. 11-BASKET INTERFERENCE-GOALTENDING Section I-A Player Shall Not: e. Trap the ball against the face of the backboard after it has been released. (To be a trapped ball, three elements must exist simultaneously. The hand, the ball and the backboard must all occur at the same time. A batted ball against the backboard is not a trapped ball.)

  • Gym hy
    Gym hy

    Of that basket wouldve gone in Cavaliers wouldnt have gotten the trophy

  • Ernesto Chapa
    Ernesto Chapa

    People hate on skip so much lol

  • Curtis Holbert
    Curtis Holbert

    Shannon is right! Lebron also had a triple double that game. 27 -10-11 and 3 blocks

  • signature sneakers
    signature sneakers

    Michael Jordan stole the ball from a Hall of Famer and scored the game-winning shot to win the NBA finals how is that not better than LeBron James

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams

    This man Skip just be talkin 🤦🏾‍♂️🥴. Just be saying anything smh

  • DoughlyBandz

    Skip is a hater lmao 😂

  • Buom tut
    Buom tut

    If lebron would've lost in 2016 skip would still hate on him any good thing lebron achieves skip still hates on lebron

  • Dion Wilson
    Dion Wilson

    Tayshaun prince's block beats LeBron easily,stop playing!!!

  • Jack Murgas
    Jack Murgas

    Skip Bayless shouldn’t be allowed to talk about basketball. The man knows nothing. “He made him hesitate.” WE NO S***, was he supposed to just let him score 😂

  • Mahir B
    Mahir B

    I can’t watch this show the same anymore. Both of them are losing credibility. All the topics are the same.


    Sneak attack block??? Skip acts like it’s cheating 🤣🤣🤣

  • Warrior

    Lebron is not very educated and is no goat.

  • Pheng Moua
    Pheng Moua

    Man. They are running really low on topics. I bet even Skip is tired of hating on Lebron lol

  • Brent Carter
    Brent Carter

    E v e r. Agianst a 73 win team. Coming back 3-1. This is EASILY the best I have ever seen in my 20 years watching NBA. Even my 78 year old Grandfather agrees. He been watching since 60s lol

  • Gabriel Wamunyu
    Gabriel Wamunyu

    "He the quarterback!" 💀🤣🤣

  • Professor Lyrics
    Professor Lyrics

    so how about jordan stealing and then hitting the game winner for his sixth ring could you forget that.

  • Antonio Lucero
    Antonio Lucero

    LOL It blows my mind when Skip speaks on basketball as if it is so easy. Every basketball player knows how hard of a play that was. Skip is cap 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mike Darnell
    Mike Darnell

    Tashaun Prince blocked Reggie Miller game 7 Eastern Conference Finals was a close 2nd for best defensive play

  • OMB 3D
    OMB 3D

    Bron was vaulting off the rim with his lower wrist; always been an ugly play to me

  • james halliburton
    james halliburton

    “A great hustle play” 🤣 Explain to this fool what “DEFENSE” is! name something that happens without something happening before. 🤔

  • Yohan Mongis
    Yohan Mongis

    What about the MJ's steal in Malone hand just before closing the title in 98

  • kingjnutty

    What about tyshawn prince block i think it was good let me go look

  • Nezahualcoyotl Fernandez
    Nezahualcoyotl Fernandez

    Ginobili Blocking Harden??????

  • graham wilshaw
    graham wilshaw

    These two are beyond annoying at this stage. If it is Lebron making a play, Skip doesn't approve, if it's MJ making a play, Shannon doesn't approve. When they are speaking about a topic objectively then it is good viewing but anytime Lebron/MJ come into it (which is a lot on this show), it becomes childish.

  • 93redcamaroz28

    We gon act like tayshaun prince block didn’t happen?

  • Mr.1derful 305
    Mr.1derful 305

    Unc be killing me with that sniff he does after he says something praising LeBron 😂

  • Oronde Branch
    Oronde Branch

    No he timed it at the speed he was going he would’ve caught up to him with no jr but jr was there so he had to stutter step to slow down and time his jump

  • raidersp78 let's talk
    raidersp78 let's talk


  • Sammy Cordahi
    Sammy Cordahi

    I wonder if skip hears himself calling that JRs play it was a layup contest 😂 how could the best defensive play be a great contest on a made layup

  • Juan Aleman
    Juan Aleman

    Skip needs to stop being a sportscaster, he is such a hater🤦‍♂️ damn... what is he smoking!?!?!🙆‍♂️

  • Delano Douglas
    Delano Douglas

    We cannot discredit LeBron’s block. It was a GREAT defensive play!

  • jvtherrien

    There's been better blocks/defensive plays over the entire history of the league, but given the circumstance(s), I don't disagree with anyone saying it's the best defensive play ever. Personally I think that Tayshaun Prince's block on Reggie Miller in game 2 of the 2004 ECF was a better play, and maybe Bam Adebayo's block on Tatum or whoever it was against the Celtics in the bubble was a better play, but none rises above Bron's block on Iggy in that game

  • Elliot - Hopewell
    Elliot - Hopewell

    skips trolling at this point. smh, tv is so trash haha

  • Carter Bilbro
    Carter Bilbro

    Wouldn’t have taken a 3 down 2. If you argue that Bron wouldn’t have won the game against the Pacers down 2 (if his block was called a goaltend), you have to acknowledge that the block set up the shot

  • Ts MiNiReZ
    Ts MiNiReZ

    Yo how tf skip saying K Love was only relevant when he played with bron? Bro Twolves Love was a beast even better than when he played with bron. Skip out of his mind on that take 😂😂😂😂

  • Mr Nix
    Mr Nix

    Shannon and the rest of you delusional Bronsexuals please get off of Lebrons 🥜 🌰 because Jordan stealing the ball from Malone was better. Off of his steal he went down and hit the game winning shot!

  • Hayes TV
    Hayes TV

    Bruh. Skip is annoying af.

  • james juice
    james juice

    Lol Skip is a certified HATER 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • VinRoc Jean
    VinRoc Jean

    Skip u owe LeGoat some 💰 real talk

  • Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

    People forget about Derek fisher 0.4 shot against the Spurs in the playoffs

  • jspliv jspliv
    jspliv jspliv

    Skip will throw anyone under the bus if it proves Lebron did something wrong.

  • Jayson

    Why is skip asking if JR wasn’t there where tf would he be lmaooo

  • Josh Collier
    Josh Collier

    I have no problem with this being the greatest defensive play. If you take into account the circumstances, only a couple others are in the conversation... Bird’s steal to assist, and Jordan’s stripping the ball to the iconic shot. Of course, there may be more “highlight” plays (I like Ginobili’s block on Harden from behind) but those first 3 I mentioned are probably most memorable because of the situation.

  • Steven Joseph
    Steven Joseph

    K Love prepping his move to LA early next year

  • Gooch Fitness
    Gooch Fitness

    Kevin Love is a beautiful soul skip hatin

  • xBurst

    After this debate: Skip: JR SMITH saved lebron james' legacy

  • Levi Tamayo
    Levi Tamayo

    skip ! i hate drugs.. stop that...

  • Mr. J1S
    Mr. J1S

    Birds play is better but finals makes Brons block bigger. Tayshaun Prince block is better but to be the best it usually has to take place in the finals. Tie game isn't a big deal. MJ stole the ball when they were down after he already scored the last 6 pts. But Brons block is a better looking highlight. JR is an unsung hero in this play but there's no need to nitpick really. Yeah chase down blocks look great, (wizards Mj has the best 1 ever) and aren't as tough as face to face blocks but they won. Give jr credit but u can't give him more than bron. He made iggy adjust but iggy scores if bron doesn't chase.

  • Victor Herrera
    Victor Herrera

    How tf does the block not bein an "in your face" block and instead being a " sneak attack" block, if that makes any sense anyway, change the magnitude of the play? Skip needs to go lol

  • Rico&Rosie Carey
    Rico&Rosie Carey

    Imagine averaging 1.4 but you got all the answers

  • WIll Lyfe313
    WIll Lyfe313

    Shannon just said its harder to make a field goal than drive it all the way down a field lol

  • ThatDudeDeezy

    It’s sad how I know for an absolute FACT that if it was jr who got the block and lebron was the one who “slowed down” it would be an entirely different story about how kyrie ALONG with jr saved lebrons legacy 😂😂😂

  • WIll Lyfe313
    WIll Lyfe313

    Jordan steal on malone was much better than he actually hit the last shot unlike lebron

  • P S
    P S

    Was it a Lebron turnover that he chased back on?

  • Los Carlito
    Los Carlito


  • Los Carlito
    Los Carlito


  • Sheldyn Bell
    Sheldyn Bell

    Can’t understand the hate skip has for Lebron classic case of being a hater

  • T Bone
    T Bone

    Bird's steal was better

  • Alex Becker
    Alex Becker

    Michael Jordan's steal against the Jazz in Game 6

  • Capt. Mack Clark
    Capt. Mack Clark

    If Jr doesn't cut off the baseline iggy would have dunked the ball and they would have to take the ball out stay off the cahonejz lol

  • EmissAry TheGreat
    EmissAry TheGreat

    Skip makes this hard to watch I swear

  • Capt. Mack Clark
    Capt. Mack Clark

    Shannon is delusional sometimes

  • Capt. Mack Clark
    Capt. Mack Clark

    Skip this is just a block Noone dunks or really drives in the lane anymore when a 6'9 player blocks a shot its great? Nawwww lol

  • Jonathan Salinas
    Jonathan Salinas

    How dare you disrespect Wilt Chamberlain, Shannon? He blocked Kareem Abdul Jabar’s hook shot. . .

  • YungMetro Gaming
    YungMetro Gaming

    Wouldn’t say it was the greatest ever but damn lebron went full sprint for a game saving block surely is one of the best

  • Richard Bonds
    Richard Bonds

    Mike stole the ball from CMalone off the rebound went down and won the championship

  • Tyler Gaffney
    Tyler Gaffney

    If you watch this play in slow motion you see it’s clearly goaltending, but they don’t wanna talk about tht🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mr. Said Out Bitch
    Mr. Said Out Bitch

    Nobody talks about Loves stellar defense on Steph Curry at the end of the game! SMH!

  • Justin 23
    Justin 23

    They still talking about Bron block 5 years later goes to show you he the greatest 😂

  • San Frantana
    San Frantana

    Calm tf down... blocking somebody from the back doesn’t get you points. Going straight up and blocking somebody is way better

  • madatgravity187

    so...JR initiated both the best defensive play of all time...and the most embarrassing...

  • Alex Olvera
    Alex Olvera

    mj rip on malone better and then shot

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair

    When Jordan stole the ball from behind Karl Malone

  • Bobbytrvp

    Skips hate on lebron cant even be real anymore 😂