Cowboys NEED a cornerback, Patrick Surtain II is money in the bank - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Jerry Jones has been infatuated with TE Kyle Pitts while also being careful to say that they won’t be overlooking their needs with the 10th pick. But he also said there is an opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys to do something unconventional with the pick. Most mocks have Dallas taking a defensive back. Hear who Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe believe the Cowboys will draft with the No. 10 overall pick.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Cowboys NEED a cornerback, Patrick Surtain II is money in the bank - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    • Beckett Ivan
      Beckett Ivan

      @Reuben Dominick Yup, I've been watching on flixzone for since november myself :D

    • Micheal Taylor
      Micheal Taylor

      What's her name

  • hume1234561

    Shannon is trying to help the Cowboys, but they can't be helped.

  • Animelytical

    I love that Jerry Jones picked the guy Shannon said he should pick

  • David Holmes
    David Holmes

    i love these GUYS.. get their "mock Draft" = Super Bowl👍😎

  • Von Roy
    Von Roy

    Unc got it right on da nose crazy

  • dondlil hayes
    dondlil hayes

    shannon I truly love watching the show why you am M irving don't mind letting the cat out the box an you keep it real

  • eudy Maverick Mentor
    eudy Maverick Mentor

    Shannon was right.

  • Ashli Bronner
    Ashli Bronner

    They took him Shannon

  • Are you seeing This comment
    Are you seeing This comment

    Skip salty asf 🤣

  • Jermalyn Richardson
    Jermalyn Richardson

    Who’s here after the Broncos got him😂😂

  • David Craig
    David Craig

    Shannon was on it

  • Shamar Doster
    Shamar Doster

    The cowgirls sucks

  • DallasUrbanAccess

    Uncle Shay called it! Parsons!

  • mg19cal

    Who's here after they drafted a linebacker that Shannon predicted?

    • Brandon Caples
      Brandon Caples

      Here I don’t mind that

  • Gabe West
    Gabe West

    Who is here after the Cowboys took him

    • Pierre D. Clark
      Pierre D. Clark

      Me as well...lmao

    • Cutty Cain
      Cutty Cain

      Me my good brother

  • TerribleTom Vu
    TerribleTom Vu

    Skip, didn’t anyone teach you any manners: keep your mouth shut and not interrupt when someone is talking.

  • 12 toomanyinches
    12 toomanyinches

    Lmaooo watching this after the draft 🎯

  • Jared Thomas
    Jared Thomas

    GREAT CALL SHAY SHAY !!!! ✊🏾✊🏾 they got their guy in m parsons, who reminds me A LOT of NaVarro bowman

  • dronct

    I hate the Denver Broncos!

  • kirk yearwood
    kirk yearwood

    Shannon's words aged well.

  • Dinero

    And he’s a Bronco.

  • Dougie Fresh
    Dougie Fresh

    Who's here after Shannon was right about parsons?

    • Omar Castro
      Omar Castro

      Shannon and jerry think alike?

  • TheMaxisexy

    Shannon was right !!!

  • Baby Ward The 4th
    Baby Ward The 4th

    Congratulations skip,. Your boys got a LB

    • Adrian Martinez
      Adrian Martinez

      But we've still no secondary

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    Micah parsons to cowboys pick just in

  • morningcalm21

    Denver Broncos baby!!

  • Jason movieman
    Jason movieman

    Shannon called it

  • Scott Belanger
    Scott Belanger

    And the Denver broncos pick..

  • star fire
    star fire

    The broncos took him already you idiots

  • Archie Lee
    Archie Lee


  • N ᥲ t ᖾ ᥲ ᥒ
    N ᥲ t ᖾ ᥲ ᥒ

    weal talk will talk real talk -shay

  • Inspect Your Gadgets
    Inspect Your Gadgets

    Draymond Green is the one doing the dance of the sugar plum fairies. Nutcracker


    Man Skip is all over the place every single day . Uncke Shay been telling skip cowboys defense is trash

  • ZachCoward

    Skip probably hasn’t watched a single south carolina game & he’s gonna say jaycee horn doesn’t play the run 😂

  • a carter
    a carter

    Hey Skiup, it's Jaycee Horn, not "Jay Seahorn"

  • Billy Gunns
    Billy Gunns

    When someone says “real talk” you know they lying. That said the Cowboys must draft a top flight offensive linemen or Pitts. It’s clear the defense needs help but the offense will soon look like the defense if they don’t draft an OT, C or OG. Zeke is unreliable, expensive and should’ve been traded last year. He seems to take himself out of the game during the most critical moments of the game.

  • Carl Potter
    Carl Potter

    Ravens may sneak up an snag him!

  • Mike Tisone
    Mike Tisone

    Dallas has gotten burned b4 by choosinga 1st round corner....that's why jerry keep looking at Pitts

  • Casey Glann
    Casey Glann

    I can’t wait for these guys to stop talking about Kyle Pitts to the Cowboys

  • Cullen Calabria
    Cullen Calabria

    Surtain horn or parsons would be good

  • 376ironman

    You honestly can't go wrong with either of those corners !! Parsons at 10, I don't know about that one !!


    The tie breaker is the off the field issues haha see u in Dallas Parsons 😂😂😂

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham

    Trevon Moehrig look him up or QB killa Parsons

  • Damien Wyche
    Damien Wyche

    As a Washington fan, I hope cowgirls mess it up, 😂.

  • Tyler Gamble
    Tyler Gamble

    Praying we take Jaycee...

  • Alex King
    Alex King

    So you can’t stop the run you can’t get any pressure on the quarterback and you want a rookie fresh out of college to guard number one receivers good luck it will be a stupid pick

  • Jingle Bob
    Jingle Bob

    Frankly, I would trade Amari Cooper for a top 15 pick + a 3rd round pick. If necessary, I would offer to pay $5m of his salary for 1 year...If Rayshawn Slater is available at 10, get him. Otherwise, trade down...pick up an extra 3 & 5, then: 1.) DE Kwitty Paye 6'5" 266lbs [or DE Carlos Bashan] 2.) CB Eric Stokes 6'1" 190lbs 3.) OT Trey Brown 6'6" 335lbs 3.) LB Azeez Ojulari 6'3" 240lbs 3.) OT Teven Jenkins 6'6" 320lbs 4.) FS Ar'darius Washington 5'8" 178lbs 4.) DT Alim McNeal 6'2" 320lbs [or DT/DE Milton Williams] 5.) LB Charles Snowden 6'7" 240lbs 5.) Tedarrell Slaton 6'5" 346lbs 6.) CB/S Ifeatu Melifonwu 6'3" 215lbs [or WR T.J. Vasher 6'6" 215lbs] 6.) TE Tony Poljan 6'7" 260lbs 7.) WR/PR/KR Cade Johnson Free agents: SS Divine Deablo 6'3" 227lbs WR Warren Stewart 6'6" 210lbs DE Tarron Jackson 6'2" 265 lbs WR Racey McMath WR Jeff Harris 6'5" 220lbs 4.39 [40] This would produce at least 3 starters & depth at LB, DT, and OT. The cowboys should win the NFC East + go 10-6 or 11-5 with this type of draft. The emphasis must be on getting OT/CB immediate help + LB depth

    • teddyoliver8

      Ojulari and Jenkins ain't falling to the 3rd round

  • Danny Rand
    Danny Rand

    They better take Jaycee Horn because he's bigger, stronger, and more physical than Surtain, but it's Dallas, so they will do just the opposite, lol.

    • Piwi Nuby
      Piwi Nuby


  • Tony Snow
    Tony Snow

    How Bout Dem Cowboys

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B

    Jerry’s a showman but skip posts shirtless selfies and tweets about Lebron everyday

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Stop it shannon. We don't want another off the ball linebacker.

  • Zach Gonzales
    Zach Gonzales

    Sugar Plum is from The Nutcracker

  • Mojo

    JOK> Parsons that’s just me tho

  • Bfighter

    Trey Lance

  • Manuel Casillas
    Manuel Casillas

    They haven't even watched JC horns film and they're saying that he doesn't deserve to be picked at 10.

  • Tucker Mucha
    Tucker Mucha

    5:40 LMAOOO

  • P S
    P S

    The Giants should take the CB that Dallas doesn't take

  • GoingBy Owen
    GoingBy Owen

    Parsons can’t cover and took a year off so no idea if he got better plus he ran a 4.39 unofficial hand time that’s about 4.45 official cowboys don’t need this guy just fix the line for the linebackers and secondary

  • Doc

    If the cornerback position pertains to Surtain, then he shall contain.

  • Gilbert Washington
    Gilbert Washington

    🤣🤣🤣hahaha your head hard skip😂😂

  • betta onMars
    betta onMars

    Cowgirls getting a Qb just in case injuries repeat like last year

    • Tristan Ximello
      Tristan Ximello

      I hope u are joking😂

  • F S
    F S

    Cowboys NEED a dline & LB's to get pressure, CB's do NOT generate pressure 🤔

  • The Bizz
    The Bizz

    i really trust Chris Sims and he doesn’t like Jaycee Horn at all. go with Surtain if he’s there. i think Farley will end up the best of the 3.

  • Bryan Carrillo
    Bryan Carrillo

    All of the local media know how unlikely it is for Dallas to take a LB at 10

    • Colin Rissler
      Colin Rissler


    • GOAT SO
      GOAT SO

      Exactly there going to trade down though

  • chris lockwood
    chris lockwood

    How do the dolphins get anything other than a line backer they released van noy

  • YFNik

    But if Kyle Pitts falls

  • Wayde Gardner
    Wayde Gardner

    Micah Parsons will have a game 1 impact for a lacking defense. Pitts would split touches with at least Lamb and Gallup or Lamb and Cooper. Maybe all three. He’s a big threat but less impact. Impact vs BPA By a 1B to 1 long shot, how much draft capital could you pick up if he’s there? A 1, a few future 1s and 2s and a 3?

  • Tay Bob
    Tay Bob

    I doubt pat still be there at 10 I think Carolina gets the first defensive player .. J Horn sounds a lil bit realistic IMO

    • Timothy

      Unless fields falls and pats don’t trade up

  • RatPat Millz
    RatPat Millz

    He said Parsons 😂😂 real cowboys fans Know not to take parsons at 10

    • Grant S
      Grant S

      Yeah. Take him at 12 instead

  • Kadeem Thomas
    Kadeem Thomas

    I believe Cowboys will draft JC Horn over Micah Parsons & Patrick Surtain II.


    “Gluck Gluck 9000, Real talk” -Shay sharpe

  • mack battle
    mack battle

    My WFT trading up to 14 to grab Micah

    • mack battle
      mack battle

      @Will K why not? 😆

    • Will K
      Will K

      I hope not good lord

  • Ricardo Torres
    Ricardo Torres

    Quite frankly it doesn't matter what the cowboys will do, cause they always going to suck

  • Danelle Barnette
    Danelle Barnette

    We don't need Pitts!! Why go offense but complain about the defense all season. That's why we can't go deep in the post-season.

  • Earl Gray
    Earl Gray

    Just wondering why off the field issues only comes into play with certain players.

  • Josiah Poynter
    Josiah Poynter

    If Dallas drafts Parsons as a cowboys fan I will pour mustard down my urethra don't take him at 10

    • Grant S
      Grant S

      Pray for this man...

    • Josiah Poynter
      Josiah Poynter

      @charles budd I rather trade down for a OT or a edge or another LB like JOK if he's on the board or a Jamin Davis or even Zaven Collins

    • charles budd
      charles budd

      If the 2 corners are gone Parsons is the next best pick

  • Louis Arthur
    Louis Arthur

    If I see that Pick 6 one more time..Surtain doesn’t “WOW” me.

    • Piwi Nuby
      Piwi Nuby

      Lmao ok General manager

    • Louis Arthur
      Louis Arthur

      @Yeah that's me!! I take it you guys are impressed?..

    • Yeah that's me!!
      Yeah that's me!!

      Glad he doesn’t have to prove anything to YOU

    • Tahajjud Vance
      Tahajjud Vance

      He doesn't have to

  • T Mot
    T Mot

    Surtain just looks like a Cowboy. Similar to Terrance Newman, Morris Claiborne, Dez and Roy Williams. He just has that Cowboy pedigree.

  • Christian Soldier
    Christian Soldier

    Why does everyone keep hyping up PFF? PFF is horrible . They never get anything right SMH

  • Louis Arthur
    Louis Arthur

    Parsons Parsons Parsons..Von Miller, Khalil Mack. These guys are more impactful than Revis, Sherman, Gilmore. Parsons ceiling is at least those guys. JayCee can be like those other boys, Surtain is meh at #10 this year.

    • A.D. Que
      A.D. Que

      Agree one hundred!

  • Christian Soldier
    Christian Soldier

    Surtain is a bust

  • Kahlil Poet
    Kahlil Poet

    Ur a trader to ur own clan, the no mans only boys clan maybe pride of u yet There's only one player who ranks supreme in all the lands... This ad is brought to you by Libby's Corned Beef, the #1 best corn beef in a can...

  • Jonathan James-Patterson
    Jonathan James-Patterson

    “What’s scaring people is he has off the field issues” since when have the Cowboys cared about that 😂 they signed a dude who just got done with a domestic violence case 😂

    • Mike Odie
      Mike Odie


  • Haven2 Moses5
    Haven2 Moses5

    Dallas needs to draft Defense with all 10 of their picks 😂😭😂💀😭

    • Jimmy Shane
      Jimmy Shane

      8 picks was defensive picks now let’s see what Dan quin turns this defense into. I’m excited

    • GOAT SO
      GOAT SO

      @Jamison Leung that oline pick should be the only offensive pick fr 💯

    • Jamison Leung
      Jamison Leung

      9/10 Need a OT for back up or one that can start in future.

    • Ogs Rollin
      Ogs Rollin


  • Travis Mannix
    Travis Mannix

    U can't say he Devin white lol that man just had 9 sacks and 15 tfl 100 solo tackles 2 picks in his second season at the MLB spot. He already one of the best LBs in the league

    • Lc Bc
      Lc Bc

      Well measurables wise parsons is better and had similar college production so maybe he will be 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Alex Rivera
      Alex Rivera

      Well Mac Jones is Brady. It’s draft fun talk lol

  • Harry Ramos
    Harry Ramos

    Trade down with pats get Gilmore and then draft Parsons at 15


    its hard to know what they should do because they need almost an entire new defense

    • pokedude972

      We just got 2 decent safeties from Atlanta being kazee, and Neal we still have Lewis and Trevor diggs we need another good corner

  • The One
    The One

    Micah is mad overrated. And the LB class is deep thats a reach Cowboys got no DBs depth.

  • Adam E. Mick
    Adam E. Mick

    Parsons new nickname, Sudden Impact. Lol

  • Blue Gatorade
    Blue Gatorade

    If Micha Parsons took this whole past year off from college/college football and stayed in shape then the character concerns are minimal to me. To stay in the shape and do what he needs to do without the structure of the football team and full day grind of student athlete then he’s got his mind on right enough. It’s the guys that took the year off and didn’t stay in perfect shape that I wouldn’t draft.

  • Alexander Harris
    Alexander Harris

    One issue he does have is he has tendencies from the position he use to play defensive end he sometimes sets edge or tries to eat up blocks for other guys yo clean it up but that’s no concern

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods

    Lol Jerry don’t care about winning, he rather just be the most popular team and sell merchandise 😂

    • Manny

      Str8 up

  • Eric Dreher
    Eric Dreher

    Dallas should only be thinkin defense. Geeze, skip. Gimme a break. Pitts doesnt play defense. Good lord

  • Veelow mUy mAlo
    Veelow mUy mAlo

    Remember when Unc dropped the F bomb? 😄

  • Cleomnes

    Horn relies a lot on getting physical with recievers to hold them in check, something that could get him in pass interference trouble at the NFL level. Surtain looks too polished to pass on, and would fit better next to Diggs imo. We already have a more agressive and risky corner, having someone like Surtain to balance that out is the right pick imo.

  • mickeal wise
    mickeal wise

    Horn is really overrated and this is coming from a gamecock fan. I watched him for three years and our defenses sucked and he was a big part of that. In fact I was more impressed by Israel mukuamu than Horn and I’m surprised he isn’t getting the hype Horn is getting.


    Smooth segment

  • Kameron Roper
    Kameron Roper

    im s till upset parsons made that tweet in hs at an osu visit about jt barrett which led to him committing elsewhere he'd have been amazing as a buckeye

  • thecouchpotatoes13

    The way I see it, as long as the cowboys take either surtain, horn, parsons, or by some miracle pitts it will be a solid pick.

    • star fire
      star fire

      The broncos took him

  • Pete

    How come they only talk about the cowboys lmfao what about the other teams, it’s getting kind of annoying they cover anything the cowboys do. The next thing they gonna cover is what Jerry is having for dinner.