Tom Brady admits "Skip Bayless always has my back," Justin Fields to Bears | NFL | UNDISPUTED
The Chicago Bears saw the opportunity to get their future signal-caller by trading up from 20 to 11 to draft Justin Fields after the Ohio State QB slipped out of the Top 10. Chicago GM Ryan Pace said quote 'We had multiple plans tonight, and the way the board was falling, we got excited when the quarterbacks came off that way and Justin continued to fall.' Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Chicago's big move. Plus, Skip Bayless reacts to Tom Brady telling Shannon, 'Skip always has my back' during the NFL Draft-A-Thon.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Tom Brady admits "Skip Bayless always has my back," Justin Fields to Bears | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    • Will Seest
      Will Seest

      Jenny's reaction is priceless lol. It's like she knew Skip went to town.

    • Jordan Slingluff
      Jordan Slingluff

      Should say you three

    • Jordan Slingluff
      Jordan Slingluff

      Idk why you two act surprised the GOAT watches the GOATs? Undisputed is the best sports show hands down.

    • DarkMX Hishot
      DarkMX Hishot

      Justin fields will be a bust! Take a screenshot remember I said it.

  • yo mama
    yo mama

    I think skip usually designs the segments but Shannon did one to include skip that's love right dur


    Don't act llike Shannon wouldn't feel the same way if Lebron acknowledges him.

  • Kalambre One
    Kalambre One

    Shannon's laughing face is gold!!

  • Craigslist Reply
    Craigslist Reply

    while lebron wont even acknowledge shannon 😂😂😂

  • Mr Esquire
    Mr Esquire

    Fields stock fell for a REASON.......... We will all see exactly why when the kid starts losing.... He transferred after losing to Jake Fromm at Georgia.... Then, went to a "loaded" team in Ohio St., he had better look good on that team... We all saw his attitude on draft night. Confidence in yourself is one thing, but He thinks too highly of himself. Arrogance and Ignorance go hand in hand.

  • Desmond Wilkerson
    Desmond Wilkerson

    Wish my dad loved me like skip loves Brady

  • Afro Desiac
    Afro Desiac

    Being acknowledged by Tom Brady is a greater honor than the Queen of England offering you a Werther's Original.

  • Justin Kilpatrick
    Justin Kilpatrick

    Ngl this cute

  • Bill Harris
    Bill Harris


  • Pedro Espada
    Pedro Espada

    Good to see Skip so Happy! 😉👍

  • Noah

    Skip has to react to lebron switching opinion on play in when lakers in lower seed

  • D Clinton
    D Clinton

    Jenny looking fine, also Molly needs to learn from her on how to moderate. Even Charley is 10 times better than Molly,

  • AC_TC_20

    I was happy for Skip. He gets a ton of hate but he is right most of the time. Tom Brady has 7 Super bowls out of 10 attempts. Skip has a serious point about the greatness Tom Brady.

  • Jose

    Brady said "my boy Skip always has my back"

  • Tru Steppa KT
    Tru Steppa KT

    “Happy Birthday Skip” 😂😂😂🤣🤌🤌🤌

  • Ultimate Patriot
    Ultimate Patriot

    Stopped listening when they dropped the race card, haven’t listened to this show in a long time, note i remember why

  • dashmow

    Shannon “I’m not surprised at all” Sharpe

  • Rizzo

    Skip gonna retire

  • The Kid Fame
    The Kid Fame

    Skip wants Lebron to say his name so bad lmaooo..

  • Colonel Gibbs
    Colonel Gibbs

    If Lebron ever publicly acknowledged skip like this, he would be just as happy believe me. His whole career hes been trying to get Lebron to notice or say something about him. Lmao

  • Bradd Lemke
    Bradd Lemke

    Skip gonna cry

  • flying low
    flying low

    Skip a simp

  • Edon Bytyqi
    Edon Bytyqi

    Skip like a kid on Christmas he was that happy and excited

  • Jr. KING
    Jr. KING

    Like he always has MJ BACK BECAUSE IF LEBRON COMES UP WE SEE THE WHITE FURY OF FIRE HITTING LBJ EVERY TIME LEBRON IS METIONED..... you also see a lot of eye rolling as well meaning he just can’t help him self but to hate

  • Unc Zay
    Unc Zay

    Bears going to be a problem

  • W W
    W W


  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    Skip got hard when Brady said that

  • Sobanked -
    Sobanked -

    Skip really fangirling rn lmao

  • Hakeem Plummer
    Hakeem Plummer

    Skip knows every player that ever played Football

  • Aosa Aone
    Aosa Aone

    His first time ever being acknowledged by a star

  • Andre Segui
    Andre Segui

    racial component?? justin fields making blacks look bad everywhere!

  • Forbidden King
    Forbidden King

    Skip is a kid in the candy store

  • Tre Amethyst
    Tre Amethyst

    SKIP Got The Drips From The 🎱 @6:48

  • Matt Rick
    Matt Rick


  • Poverty Based Entertainment
    Poverty Based Entertainment

    🤔Tom Brady can smash skip wife and skip would still praise him at this point.🤦🏿‍♂️ I'm talking season pass to Brady flags 😂

  • Tang Sect Tv
    Tang Sect Tv

    im just freaking waiting for skip to trashtalk shannon after the lakers loss.. why is that the video isnt up yet

  • Oni Giri
    Oni Giri

    Pls stop with the racial BS. Else we can argue that the 49ers is racist because they chose Trey Lance over Mac Jones ? That sounds ridiculous right? So is this BS. People chose for their job security f the color of their skin. Remember green is the most important color for most people (look at Amazon and their BLM posturing only to completely f their warehouse workers good number of them are yes...blacks)

  • OGxKlaybone36

    Why she have to try and take Skips limelight 🙃

  • Jumah Brady
    Jumah Brady

    LeBron needs to show Shannon the same love that skip got from Brady

  • Real

    Now imagine if LeBron acknowledges Skip.. That's all he's ever wanted giving he built his whole tv career off hating on LBJ.. skipwith just sit back and retire if LeBron ever acknowledge Him or spoke his name he would bust a load on set.

  • Kerrilla Boykins
    Kerrilla Boykins

    Skip is nonchalantly nutting

  • Corey Snoots
    Corey Snoots

    If this was flipped and Bron said I dunno why Skip hates on me Unc always got my back. Skip would say... Michael Jordan would have never done that. He wouldn’t care what I said. That’s why MJ is the greatest lol Bet!!

  • St810k ksforlife
    St810k ksforlife

    If Jordan and Kawhi acknowledges him now he would cream his pants

  • Judith Mac Donald
    Judith Mac Donald

    I am so happy for Skip! Tom recognize Skip!❤️❤️❤️

  • Malik Frank
    Malik Frank

    5:44 skip uses word play ditka n butkus

  • lugie p
    lugie p

    Skip getting that acknowledgement is equivalent to Shannon and LeBron

  • joe nice
    joe nice

    I used to really dislike Skip on ESPN, but now I can’t get enough of him with Shannon. He’s hilarious and I will miss them when the show ends, hopefully a long time from now.

  • gselilkel

    Love these two guys man

  • oclus

    imma laugh when all these people realize how good zach wilson is

  • Tennis Player
    Tennis Player

    Check skip’s diaper right now because I think he creamed himself 😂😂

  • Xavier Edwards
    Xavier Edwards

    Skips wet dream

  • Matthew Sawczyn
    Matthew Sawczyn

    If Tom wins another Super Bowl, it'll be because he knew Skip had his back

  • moresources

    tom brady says skip always has his back, lebron remained silent when antonio brown disses shannon sharpe in front of him on the shop.

  • servicarrrrrrr

    imagine if Michael Jordan ever says that his boy skip always has his back

  • Darius Holman
    Darius Holman

    Skip deadass wanted to Cry...Skip and Shannon are perfect together I don't care what anyone says

  • Slackerdog007 Slacker dog
    Slackerdog007 Slacker dog

    Shannon you’re the man, you show how you’re right and wrong, than you’re very mature. “ Skip “ you’re to much, waaaay to be. Thank you, and sharp for being yourself . And the ma’am. Mr. Brady you’re # 1. Go Broncos, sorry Brady, their still my team. “ 🙏 “

  • RockOut LikeABanDD
    RockOut LikeABanDD

    Man these folks do coke 😂😂

  • M T
    M T

    There was NO racial component! So damn tired of hearing this gibberish. Fields isn't going to be great in Chicago...

  • Ronald Fernandez
    Ronald Fernandez

    Skip so happy, acknowledge by the Goat TB12👍👏

  • Mac Banks
    Mac Banks

    Tom just lost some value mentioning Skip

  • philfromkali

    Skip and Tom literally make the world a bit of a better place

  • Tip WeWurkk
    Tip WeWurkk

    All Skip need now is a MJ Cosign An He Will Retire 😂

  • H W
    H W

    20 Year Highlight for Skip👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😄

  • kenny price
    kenny price

    Thank you, thank you !

  • Kevin Hendricks
    Kevin Hendricks

    Rex gross man got them to the superbowl

  • Andres Ramos
    Andres Ramos

    Skip is either the biggest fan boy or worst hater. No in between 😂


    This is really the greatest sports coverage show

  • Rarrlow

    Happy for you, Skip!

  • Shailon Noelle
    Shailon Noelle

    Damn it the bears are on the rise

  • Cesar 4nier
    Cesar 4nier

    Shannon wears lebron briefs and accidentally calls his girls LeBron when hes half asleep.

  • Tazzz

    Skip is so wet

  • Kota Kimura
    Kota Kimura

    Now Shannon needs a tweet from LeBron.

  • Jonathan Varley
    Jonathan Varley

    K done watching undisputed, tired of them turning everything in a race situation.

  • Gabos WorldTM
    Gabos WorldTM

    “Once he retires Ima get my dew back cuz you won’t have Anyone to bet on”😭😭 I love Shannon

  • Shmurda Hat
    Shmurda Hat

    Lol skip is shinning

  • ClutchLikeObama

    Jenny looks amazing 👀

  • john bush
    john bush

    So happy for skip

  • Kueny Thiluang
    Kueny Thiluang

    I'm actually happy for skip puts a grin on my face

  • B Jvu
    B Jvu

    So what happens when every qb is great and playing at a 99 percent efficiency rate in a system? They all become average. Contrast requires degree of separation and if every qb was as lucky as brady then brady would not have been brady. Give the defense credit for making qb look average and play below their potential instead of discrediting the qb

  • Jamie Thomas
    Jamie Thomas

    I loved that moment for Skip you can tell that really made his whole life 😂

  • Lance Hood
    Lance Hood

    I role with skip when it comes to brady and jordan

  • Lee Blanding
    Lee Blanding

    Even more rewarding then watching Mike live?🤔😭😭

  • Lucius M
    Lucius M

    Stop it with the race talks the draft and stock has nothing to do with race look at trey lance he went number 3! And barely played.

  • Zac

    This is great lol

  • Amare Harris
    Amare Harris

    Skip a groupie


    Now they gotta make "skip always has my back" t shirts and hoodies 😂

  • Jay Royalez King
    Jay Royalez King

    I mean there's no way Brady wouldn't know

  • Rolo Brown
    Rolo Brown

    He mean like skip always down grading mahomes and shannon always defending mahomes!

  • Boo

    if you missed safemoon, CleanOcean is the next token on the rise! Check it out and start helping the oceans get cleaner!

  • Patrick Hoey
    Patrick Hoey

    Skip literally going to have a pool of Diet Dew once Shannon ever pays up

  • MetE12 Turner
    MetE12 Turner

    Don't let this distract you from Skip picking Tebow over TB12!!!

  • TayG 9Deuce
    TayG 9Deuce

    Skip can retire now lol....he gotta wait on LeBron to retire first though lol

  • Kristijan Car
    Kristijan Car

    Skip grinning like Flight when Curry acknowledged him.

  • Nickolas Smith
    Nickolas Smith

    Justin fields isn’t better then the quarterback @ BYU, and North Dakota state? Justin fields has played the best of the best and beat the number one pick?! Who have those quarterbacks played? Jets are a dumpster fire, but the 49ers could of done better.

  • Andrew Griffin
    Andrew Griffin

    Shannon could be a trainer with Bucs and ride the road to another Super Bowl!

  • William Breeze
    William Breeze

    I feel happy for skiuup, this has to be one of his greatest life achievements. 🙌

  • Jr

    Another QB for Chicago to ruin 🤷‍♂️

  • Won't Tell
    Won't Tell

    "I've been waiting for this moment for my life" Phil Collins.

  • Kpolart

    Ms. Shannon James and Ms. Skip Brady

Wario - SNL
4.3 mln
Wario - SNL
4.3 mln