Micah Parsons or Patrick Surtain II will improve the Cowboys' defense - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
The Dallas Cowboys could very well end up taking the first defensive player of the NFL draft on Thursday night with the tenth-overall pick. Several of the mock drafts out there have all 5 QBs, 2 receivers, plus tight end Kyle Pitts and offensive lineman Penei Sewell being taken with the first 9 picks, which would give Jerry Jones and the Cowboys endless options on defense. Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless weigh in on who's Dallas' best option to improve their bottom-ranked defense.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Micah Parsons or Patrick Surtain II will improve the Cowboys' defense - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Who will improve the Cowboys' defense: Micah Parsons or Patrick Surtain II?

    • Jude Acosta
      Jude Acosta

      Yeah, Dallas had the 30th ranked run defense, but let’s all ask for Surtain.. I’m sure he would be tackling a lot after running backs get past our line backers.. oh wait, we aren’t going to have that issue any more.

    • Jeremy Ledbetter
      Jeremy Ledbetter

      Cowboys do need Parsons and got the best defensive player in the draft. LVE is another neck injury from being forced to retire from football and Jaylon is way overrated and over paid, so yes Cowboys needed a LB! Let’s Go!!

    • Martavious Tisby
      Martavious Tisby


    • Mark V
      Mark V


    • jroela


  • I got 5 on it
    I got 5 on it

    Still need a QB

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright

    Boss man fats y'all

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright

    Give it up to sha Sharpe....give it up to me for telling y'all ceedee Lamb was gonna fall to us at 17 last year...club sha sha I'll pass my prediction trophy 🏆 for display in your club 🤣

  • karlthetroof

    As a Cowboys fan, Shannon's comment about giving up 500 yards a game hurt me.

  • Mark Frederick
    Mark Frederick

    We took Greg Ellis

  • dlunn23

    Well Shannon was on the money wit this take

  • Ty's Gaming
    Ty's Gaming

    Welp they got Parsons now🤷🏽

  • Q. B. Inc.
    Q. B. Inc.

    It was Greg Ellis he took over the Great Randy Moss.

  • Balton Raven
    Balton Raven

    Skip saying "agreed". Skip you have no idea what Shannon is talking about when he talks about textbook. You're an opinionist.

  • WinslowSly1

    They passed on Randy Moss and took Greg Ellis DE.

  • Kuro Lee
    Kuro Lee

    Greg Ellis.

  • True Blue45
    True Blue45

    Well we got him Shannon 💪🏾

  • Official Chopp
    Official Chopp

    Shannon called it lol

  • 박준수


  • slofever512

    Unc shay speak the truth 🗣️💯👑 micah is a cowboy now

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas

    They passed Moss for Ellis , thought you were a Cowboys fan skip, how do you not remember that.

  • Mm662 Moseley
    Mm662 Moseley

    Shanno was right

  • Fizzle Mynizzle
    Fizzle Mynizzle

    Uh Shannon ... cough 😌

  • Mike Lewallen
    Mike Lewallen

    Who we got

  • kenneth ratcil
    kenneth ratcil

    Shannon called it.

  • Srikar Velavarthipati
    Srikar Velavarthipati

    Whose here after parsons is a cowboy

  • Jay FromChicago
    Jay FromChicago

    So who’s here after Denver robbed us😭😐

    • Buddy Scarver
      Buddy Scarver

      Denver didnt rob us we got the best defensive player in the draft💯💯

  • Christian Worthington
    Christian Worthington

    COWBOYS IS AMERICAS TEAM. Cowboys have drafted good. PLS get to the championship game

  • David Sayimright
    David Sayimright

    Shannon called it.

  • Zuhaib Kokab
    Zuhaib Kokab

    Welcome to Dallas Micah let’s get to work

  • Diliza

    Thanks Shannon we picked up Micah and got a free 3rd!!!

  • Marc Anderson
    Marc Anderson

    Well.... Shannon nailed it. Michah Parsons it is.

  • RevanJJ

    Wow good prediction Shannon! I think Surtain would’ve been taken had he been there though. Shannon going all psychic on us.

  • Billy Boykin
    Billy Boykin

    Damn Uncle you was right

  • DaJRa Ruiz
    DaJRa Ruiz

    Shannon > Stephen A

  • Geoo Magg
    Geoo Magg

    Shannon Nailed it on this one!!

  • D Hend
    D Hend

    Looks like they got the right one with Micah Parsons.

  • Blue Hunnids
    Blue Hunnids

    Whelp we got parsons Shannon so u better keep DAT sameeeeee energy 😂

    • Ant live
      Ant live

      Facts cause he's a cowboy hater

  • Captain Salty
    Captain Salty

    Shannon was right for once lol. Welcome to Dallas Micah Parsons!

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith

      Shannon is right alot...smh

    • April Showers
      April Showers

      Yes I'm here trying to feel good about this pick ☺️

  • Mike Sampson
    Mike Sampson

    Well we got Parsons. Sean Lee retired LVE has neck issues but I'm hoping is okay. We now have a run stopper.Him and Jaylon gonna be great. Now go get Sherman to help Diggs.

  • Jay Flow
    Jay Flow

    Double up. Parsons AND a 3rd round pick. Didn't like seeing Smith go to Philly though.

    • Jay Flow
      Jay Flow

      @Eric I fully agree. I just dont like the fact he went to Philly. Imo I liked him over all the other receivers. He a dawg.

    • Eric

      It was still a good trade tho, because had we not done the deal the Giants would have taken DeVonta and if they passed he would have still gone to the Eagles and we wouldn’t have gotten that extra 3rd.

  • Tavares Green
    Tavares Green

    Shannon was right on the money for the cowboys. Man has good insight


    Micah to dallas 🤣

  • Isaiah Blackmon
    Isaiah Blackmon

    Now the Cowboys have Micah Parsons !!!

    • Brock

      But would they, if the Broncos stayed and picked a QB?

  • mike20ten

    How bout dem Cowboys


    Well they got Parsons lol

  • Sosa Francis
    Sosa Francis

    I’m with skip draft Kyle Pitts,

  • Barbara Lovenvirth
    Barbara Lovenvirth

    Shannon is always logical...Skip is always an idiot

  • mr. cowboy
    mr. cowboy

    Jerry Jones took Greg Ellis

  • Ronnie Smith
    Ronnie Smith

    Die hard Cowboys fan,, take the LB

  • Dennis Odle
    Dennis Odle

    Been a cowboys fan since 1985 an I do know one thing it doesn't matter to who we pick if our players be don't play with fire an heart we still won't stop anybody!!!

  • M1K3 ÅR3ŁŁ
    M1K3 ÅR3ŁŁ

    Parsons to my Denver Broncos, make him play with a real defense and Vic vangio is perfect for his career..

  • Richard Woods
    Richard Woods

    Any one that choose to sit out last year I don't want that equals a quitter trait

  • Kazaam818

    JOK is better than Micah imo

  • Reginald Broughton
    Reginald Broughton

    They took Greg Ellis

  • GSEPhoenix Reign
    GSEPhoenix Reign

    Dear falcons, dolphins, any team that’s not picking a QB who is picking before us, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DRAFT KYLE PITTS! Keep Jerry from making possibly one of the best picks but also the biggest mistake because WE NEED DEFENSE! Sincerely, COWBOYS FANS

  • Big_Hit Gaming
    Big_Hit Gaming

    Surtian is the best corner in the draft

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez

    I respect Shannon's take if we don't trade back we need to take Jaycee Horn Kyle will be gone so we won't have to worry about temptations and yes Jaycee Horn > Surtain

  • Johntay Holloman
    Johntay Holloman

    Only one Alabama cb has been to a pro bowl since the 50’s that fact speaks volumes. There corners benefit from a attacking dline so they don’t have to cover long.

  • Theophilus Blaze
    Theophilus Blaze

    I would go defense if I was the Dallas Cowboys.

  • mark blum
    mark blum

    If we had even one more stop this year than last year by the defense , with Kyle Pitts, a healthy Dak, we win the NFC East by default at 10-6. We get Surtain making the defense better and no Pitts, we’re still going 10-6. I don’t think we have anything to argue about really.

  • stephen2015

    Anyone that takes parsons is a fool. You are an idiot to take opt out guys that high AND his 19 reps at his proday when he was training for it for the last 20 months is PATHETIC. WRs test stronger than him.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Thank god Shannon isn't the gm, i don't want parsons.

  • Rushing 2112 champ
    Rushing 2112 champ

    would a prime Gronkowski or Tony Gonzalez help this team make it to the superbowl? no, so why take Pitts?

  • Jordan Clark
    Jordan Clark

    I’m gonna laugh so hard if pitts just absolutely lays a egg in the NFL. Everyone is calling pitts the best tight end already

  • Kyran Black
    Kyran Black

    1. K.Pitts 2. P.Surtain II 3. M.Parsons Would be my top projections for the Cowboys. Pitts won't be there.

  • Eijah Miller
    Eijah Miller

    If we don’t get one of them with our pick I’m gonna cry 😩🤣🤣

  • vondior

    Love when his dad was with my dolphins until he suddenly when to kc I think

  • Ian T
    Ian T

    Fun Fact: Patrick Surtain (the father) was also in that 1998 NFL Draft

  • JD Parker
    JD Parker

    Unc Shay looking FROSTY today (Everyday but today especially)

  • Chris Turns
    Chris Turns

    Every time somebody talks about Micah it’s so weird to me, he’s my co-workers cousin. I live like 20 minutes from the dude and I know him.. it’s so crazy to see someone you know personally get so much attention 😳

    • Dragon Tco
      Dragon Tco

      Hes a cowboy now my friend lol

  • Life OF Diamond
    Life OF Diamond

    Sounds like Shannon scared for pitts to come to Dallas

  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson

    Anytime Shannon makes a good point skip just keeps talking thru it and says Ok

  • Stance Gang
    Stance Gang

    Yea go head n get pitts that’s just like jerry

  • Lagos Fury
    Lagos Fury

    How you can talk abour ONE team every SINGLE day..that NEVER wins anything is beyond comprehension

  • Dan Kocur
    Dan Kocur

    Im going Parsons this draft is deep at corner im saying you dont pass up on Ray Lewis if parson has great work eithec he has the skills to be talked about like Lt or Lewis is

    • Dan Kocur
      Dan Kocur

      @Injeian25 why not fast he a hunter he wants to play for us I saw a lot of football in my life I havnt saw to many better playing lb in college

    • Injeian25

      Lol no

  • Sparkzzz

    The Panthers should take Parsons at 8.

  • JazzyRed2014


  • Darrien Hinton
    Darrien Hinton

    They talkin about edge rusher I think Gregory Rousseau is a damn monster man someone needs to get him

  • Jeremiah Screen
    Jeremiah Screen

    Once again skip was there

  • Joshua Torres
    Joshua Torres

    Imagine jalen ramsey nd patrick surtain on ur pass defense man

  • Joshua Torres
    Joshua Torres

    Idk I like the shootouts

  • Yahm

    If you get Pitts you can trade Gallup even though I think he's very good. Then trade up and get Asante Samuel JR. Or pick up Richard Sherman. Pitts will make Dallas unstoppable and make Zeke expendable in the near feature.

  • Joe Juarez
    Joe Juarez

    Micah Parsons can take away the run, or pressure the QB. He's a better pic than Surtain for Dallas.

  • Ej Lopez
    Ej Lopez

    Lol! Had we not drafted CD, he would of wrecked us with the Eagles. Also if we didn't take CD, who would we had drafted? Chaisson was the favorite defensive player mocked to go to Dallas and he looked like a bust last year with only 1 sack in 16 games.

  • Otis Landry
    Otis Landry

    Micah Parsons.hes.the.key for the Cowboys defensive

  • Hmong Lis
    Hmong Lis

    Since Sean Lee retired, no doubt they’re getting Parsons

    • D S
      D S

      You predicted it

  • Aj Pal
    Aj Pal

    Greg Elis

  • Chance Brunner
    Chance Brunner

    When are we going to start calling Surtain PS2?

  • Joseph Silvas
    Joseph Silvas

    He took Greg Ellis

  • Michael Butler
    Michael Butler

    Parsons is a need now that Lee has retired...

  • Anthony Hicks
    Anthony Hicks

    Jaycee Horn will be a star!!!! He played under a head coach who’s a defensive genius

  • Anthony Hicks
    Anthony Hicks

    Patrick Surtain is garbage!!!! Ceedee Lamb owned him in the bowl game....Nick Saben had to remove him off Ceedee!

  • Daniel Tayong
    Daniel Tayong

    Farley from Virginia Tech is underrated

  • Ura Bubba
    Ura Bubba

    Micah Parsons is a bigger version of Patrick Willis.

  • charles webb
    charles webb

    We do not need to draft pitts!!!!

  • Wayne Verhoff
    Wayne Verhoff

    Paye 😂😂😂😂

  • Wayne Verhoff
    Wayne Verhoff

    Parsons can play edge. Just gonna leave that here

  • A.D. Que
    A.D. Que

    I love Micah Parsons! We need a mad dog on defense that will help us shed the soft as tissue paper image. Guy like that would inspire the whole defense to start thumping people.

    • A.D. Que
      A.D. Que

      @Pumped 999 Sitting there like I was last year when Cee Dee was falling in our laps. When the corners we coveted were taken, I was just saying, Jerry don't get cute. Then he got cute and traded down. What if the Giants saw visions of another LT and swooped in and snatched him up?! But when they passed, and we selected him, I was fist punching like mad. This is my guy. We at least now have two studs in Donovan Wilson and Parsons who are willing to bring the heat and lay some people out. I'm stoked!

    • belly

      @Pumped 999 good

    • Pumped 999
      Pumped 999

      How u feel bout that pick bro

    • Mario Pina
      Mario Pina

      We got him ! 🙌

    • Bruce Davis
      Bruce Davis

      You whish came true!!

  • Kyree Percival
    Kyree Percival

    he said that's why you gave up 500 yards a game skip :)

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham

    Parsons ah beast

  • Victor Stewart Jr.
    Victor Stewart Jr.

    Micah would be a monster for us

    • Grant S
      Grant S


  • William Hatcher
    William Hatcher

    That’s what happens when you play politics with football.

  • Davonte Owens
    Davonte Owens

    Somebody give that man Shannon sharp a GM position in the NFL please.