49ers are neck and neck between drafting Mac Jones or Trey Lance - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
The NFL Draft is just a few days away and the San Francisco 49ers have reportedly narrowed down their third-overall pick to either Mac Jones or Trey Lance. Kyle Shanahan attended both players’ second Pro Days, and Lance has been working with QB coach John Beck who played under Shanahan in Washington. Hear who Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe believe the 49ers will draft with the 3rd overall pick.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
49ers are neck and neck between drafting Mac Jones or Trey Lance - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Which QB should the 49ers draft for their third-overall pick?


      Trey Lance is the one. 49ers, please don't mess this up.

    • FOT2010

      Both busts

    • Alexander Scott
      Alexander Scott

      Literally any QB besides Mac Jones.


      Justin Fields. This is too easy.

    • Gabe Gordon
      Gabe Gordon

      @KOMBOIIN he got that dui as a freshman and has had a crystal clear record and did countless community service hours since to clear it. He’s a scholar and honors student, and has been a model citizen/athlete in college football since his one blemish. If one mistake as a 17/18 year old should ruin your future career, then many more people would be jobless. Like i said above ^ he hold some record statistic for completion percent under duress which would not attest to a great offensive line in those specific situations. The kid can play, why hate on him

  • Steve

    Welcome to the pats Mac Jones! 77%!!

  • Duane Harris
    Duane Harris

    Aaron Rodgers come home 49rs u guys pass up on Rodgers yrs yrs ago let's bring this man home

  • Rick Dillman
    Rick Dillman

    Skip worst. Shannon can't talk. They suck

  • TheKnowitall

    Just don't get the Trey Lance thing. It's FCS, He has a small body of work. Just dont see it over a P5, SEC only schedule QB, undefeated, highest QBR in history and a national championship. I can't see why this is even a discussion. Mac Jones is a QB that can lead a team to multiple super bowls and he didn't build his rep playing Youngstown State or Jacksonville State.

    • Shiny Shuckle
      Shiny Shuckle

      Maybe because Mac Jones had so many more weapons? 2 wrs, a RB, and an OT who all went first round. NDSU had 0 players taken in the 1st round, and only 1 in the 2nd round. Also when you compare their pro days Trey Lance had a much better performance. You can't gauge a QB based solely on the college they went to, because no ones knows how well Lance would've done in Jones' shoes.

  • Cedrick Carson
    Cedrick Carson

    All this is going on simply because Jimmy G didn’t make the throws to count in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. Smh that’s deep.

  • Eaglesfan220

    Patriots are gonna end up with Fields and make alot of GMs look stupid.

  • AJ 187
    AJ 187

    If Kyle picks Jones, ugh that would hurt but then again us 49ers fans should now be used to Kyle choking ie: 2 Super Bowls, jimmy g, Solomon, foster etc

  • Raul



    Trey Lance is the one. 49ers, please don't mess this up.

  • Travis Sullivan
    Travis Sullivan

    So, NFL teams don't have good players at receiver? If its a knock on Mac for how good of players he played with, it should be a knock on Zach for how bad the players he played against. Mac played against first round defensive talent all year, and most especially against Georgia. Tell me again what his QBR was against UGA? (Hint, it was over 200)

  • Nate Lowe
    Nate Lowe

    Niners taking a QB

  • De Leon Ross-Jenkins
    De Leon Ross-Jenkins

    Shannon is just a Alabama lover don't forget that.

  • De Leon Ross-Jenkins
    De Leon Ross-Jenkins

    You need a o-line too and we have don't have that.

  • De Leon Ross-Jenkins
    De Leon Ross-Jenkins

    If your comp is Matt Ryan, that's not enough in the NFC West

  • jmcghane

    The 49ers hijacked this draft for a month and I enjoyed every bit of it. XD

    • The Kids Nice
      The Kids Nice

      @jmcghane I’m a Pats fan and I’m elated that Michael McCorkle Jones fell to them

    • jmcghane

      @The Kids Nice Well we'll see how he does granted I wanted Mac Jones but who knows maybe he'll surprise us all.

    • The Kids Nice
      The Kids Nice

      And at the end of it all, they drafted a bust. Congratulations.

  • dune goon
    dune goon

    Skip the (UZload highlight talent evaluator) this guy is a joke and should never be taken seriously when it comes to judging QBs. He even admitted to liking the Jay cutler pick.

  • P M
    P M

    This is undisputed evidence they are taking Justin Fields.

  • Randy Schwartz
    Randy Schwartz

    Why not pitts...why would they not take pitts....kittle and pitts match up against that

  • Mark Garcia
    Mark Garcia

    I wish I was black so I can wear colorful suits like Shannon without looking goofy ☹️

  • Itachii I
    Itachii I

    Fields was the consensus 2nd pick after cfb. Now he’s dropped to last out of the bunch. Whoever passes up on fields I’m gonna regret it

  • Enos Yahudah
    Enos Yahudah


  • Mike J.
    Mike J.

    OMFG Mel Kiper has been wrong so many times Skip is SENILE

  • NYC Camper
    NYC Camper


  • Aaron Fennell-Chametzky
    Aaron Fennell-Chametzky

    Something: happens Skip: in all my years going back to the 70s I’ve never seen anything/one like it

  • Hurricanes05 Duval
    Hurricanes05 Duval

    I have already said but I will say it again Justin Fields will be the best qb in the draft when it all said and done 😤

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson

    Please Draft Justin Fields 49ers🤞🤞

  • Dylan Wolfram
    Dylan Wolfram

    This guy Lance looks special. I think if he goes to a good situation like San Fran, Carolina, he could definitely be the best player of the draft

  • Alan Blue
    Alan Blue

    thr 49ers needs to pick 1 or the other if they pick trey Lance over mac jones than mac jones should be on the steelers

  • ea Julio
    ea Julio

    The fact that y’all think billionaires don’t know who they are picking until the pick is made is wild to me. These owners already what players they are getting.


    Zac Wilson has bust all over him, he is more frail than RGIII,


    Skip is terrible at evaluating QB’s Trey Lance is playing against inferior competition and if Skip thinks Trey Lance is gonna lower his head and run through linebackers his career will be shorten . The Bears grabbed a TE in 2017 in the 2nd round Adam Shaheen playing against division 2 competition like Trey Lance the same thing Shaheen looked like a man against boys a total flop in the NFL . Trey Lance is light years in his passing ability for the Pros but his running ability yes is very good but pocket passers get you Super Bowl wins not running QB’s that gets you shorten careers .

  • M23ZY Fasho
    M23ZY Fasho

    Wilson and Mac are overrated

  • M23ZY Fasho
    M23ZY Fasho

    Mac Jones is a bad move

  • VannTheDawn

    The Fields to Baltimore talk is just b.s, like why would they draft another qb instead of building around their former MVP. A better o-line and a couple more targets and they’re back to being SB faves.

  • A B
    A B

    sigh... a Mike Mamula reference... still confused all these years later

  • Jermaine JP Shepherd
    Jermaine JP Shepherd

    Mac Jones looked good wit stellar talent around him at Bama, Lance looked good wit Meh talent around him at NDSU. Hmmm...🤔🤔🤔

  • Marc St. Laurent
    Marc St. Laurent

    What happens if Urban Meyer doesn’t like Trevor Lawrence’s interview and takes Fields #1?

    • The Kids Nice
      The Kids Nice

      Lol come on. That was never gonna happen. Dude was the projected number 1 pick for the last 2 years.

    • Marc St. Laurent
      Marc St. Laurent

      @Tyran Como I’m hoping Trevor drops due to his apathetic attitude. No way Fields would recover from that smear on his reputation.

    • Tyran Como
      Tyran Como

      Realistically Justin Fields fits perfect with Urban but he will probably go with the supposed safe pick and draft Lawrence

  • Rene Zuniga
    Rene Zuniga

    So, Nice to see my 9ers highjack all the sport talk shows ...😁😁 a nice change from the norm (cowboys) ...so I've watched all clips from all shows 😆😆😜😝

  • LaDarrius Jennings
    LaDarrius Jennings

    The more they speak in the RG3 and Kyle Shannahan dilemma, it sounds like they sabotaged his future career.

  • AU


  • FourDub Zero
    FourDub Zero

    Crazy to see Fields dropping like a rock. From being universally regarded as the 2nd best qb to now alot of people have him as the 5th qb off the board.

  • 303Smilezzz

    9ers are going lance

  • Roberto Reyes
    Roberto Reyes

    Trey lance or Justin field’s

  • Roberto Reyes
    Roberto Reyes

    Please for the love of GODDDDD, don’t choose a white QB😭

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense

    Mac Jones is a BUST. This post will age well

    • The Kids Nice
      The Kids Nice

      McCorkle is nasty

    • divided123

      Aaron Fennell-Chametzky respect for that one

    • Aaron Fennell-Chametzky
      Aaron Fennell-Chametzky

      Ok Thomas Paine

    • Jonathan William
      Jonathan William

      Oh ok God you must be God because idk how you can see the future

  • Nolan Keck
    Nolan Keck

    From the dawn of time we came...moving silently down through the centuries. Living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you...until now. There can be only one!

  • James Martin
    James Martin

    I been a 49ers fan sense 1987 and I really hope we go after dat Lance. He is really special I think.

  • E

    I swear my niners better not f this up 😑

  • Nick 2sick
    Nick 2sick

    Kyle is the master chef. You let him but the groceries and don't judge the dish before it's cooked.

  • Pietro Del Lacarre
    Pietro Del Lacarre

    Drafting Lance at 3 is just beyond insane. Dude is nothing but a project.

    • Pietro Del Lacarre
      Pietro Del Lacarre

      @penoyer79 ok let's see how well your comment ages.

    • penoyer79

      everything i'm reading says every team absolutely loves him. off-the-charts athletic ability. he's a wizard on the white board. breaking down NFL defenses since high school. makes checks and calls at the LOS on his own. calls elongated wordy plays in the huddle. tireless work ethic. model human being. hungry to improve. checks all the boxes. and he's only 20. Pat Mahomes was considered much the same way - huge talent but a raw project. didn't take him long did it?

  • R G
    R G

    I do not get the hype around lance at all

  • That Newbie Gaming
    That Newbie Gaming

    I don’t see us drafting fields after Kaepernick

  • Dwane Williams
    Dwane Williams

    Fields is the only choice

  • GPSAbsolution

    Never thought I'd see the day when Skip said "I've only seen the UZload highlights" UZload stock just went up.

  • Jermaine Bates
    Jermaine Bates

    My Bears need to go get J Fields if he falls

    • The Kids Nice
      The Kids Nice

      Called it!

  • Jean Griffith
    Jean Griffith

    The Jets and 49ers. Two dysfunctional franchises, more so with the Jets than SF. Look I remember watching the Steelers dynasty of the 70s build one of the great teams in NFL history. The Steelers did it exclusively from the draft. The Jets trade-off a QB two years ago the team drafted number one? SF has bet the house on this third-round pick. John Lynch must have said okay Kyle, the ball is in your hands. If this pick doesn't pan out, Shanahan is as good as gone in two years.

  • GameisLife

    I personally think Shannon Sharpe is a race baiter and not a great person but he does say some funny things and he is sometimes entertaining

  • Leandro Barbosa
    Leandro Barbosa

    Dude said "did you see his throws to TUA" lmao

  • Jay Alston
    Jay Alston

    This is my favorite sports cast - stay true.

  • Jose Manuel Ferreras Cordero
    Jose Manuel Ferreras Cordero

    Its not like imma be like when philly picked mike mamula

  • Jay Alston
    Jay Alston

    Fields is not Watson nor is he Kaep or Wilson. I hope he proves me wrong but I seriously doubt it. The next QB up in OSU will put up comparable numbers. And... Lawrence isn't Watson either, we see what happened when he went down; Clemson stumbled a bit but picked it back up.

  • Nook Fender
    Nook Fender

    Man...Jake the Snake doesn’t get any love for keeping the Broncos winning those years. Or losing in the AFC title game. Jay Cutler and Brock Osweiler same level of quarterback tiers..Skip...Jay just had arm talent like a guy with a good shot at the rec center. Show Jake the Snake the Gold Metalist in hand ball some love.

  • Natasha cutie pie
    Natasha cutie pie

    Justin should be going to the Jets but they're too incompetent & pick who the sports heads say they should versus who they really should get. I don't doubt for one second the 49ers not taking him. Never trust a sports bobbleheads' 'opinion'

  • Jpgsoles

    Mike shanahan will ultimately be the one who picks the Qb

  • juanio

    I’d pick whoever has those intangibles if it’s that close. That guy who has the most work ethic, who’s a better leader, who has that dog in him, who wants and has shown wants to be the greatest ever. I’m not taking a guy who doesn’t want to put the work

  • Big Blue Slim
    Big Blue Slim



    Let fields fall to New England please

  • Travis Foster
    Travis Foster

    QB's who fell in the draft: Aaron Rodgers, Brady Quinn, Boomer Esiason, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Leinart, Dan Marino etc.

  • Federico Frumento
    Federico Frumento

    Wow shannon an entire segment without playing the race card?u ok buddy?

  • Destino 2493
    Destino 2493

    Trey Lance has a bigger upside than Jones and because the niners have Jimmy G they don’t have to rush him into the starting job they can let him sit for a year or so and he’ll be better prepared and more likely to play well. QBs who have sat for a year or more in recent NFL history tend to do pretty well, Mahomes, Rodgers, people forget that Brady didn’t play much his rookie year, Steve Young sat multiple years, teams don’t normally have the patience but when they do it almost always pays off

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas

    Zach Wilson finna be a baller dont @ me💪🏿

  • Who knows
    Who knows

    Kyle hasn’t done anything with nick mullens and cj bethard

  • Cesco

    If you're neck on neck between two guys: trade down. 😂

  • Jeremy Boudreau
    Jeremy Boudreau

    Trey Lance is going to be ready sooner than people think. He was running his own offense at 19. And his intangibles are unlimited. A great kid also and he's a leader. He's a QB a team would love to win for and rally behind. I am hoping the Niners don't pass on him. I think he could be the best QB in the league 5 years from now. That's his ceiling. Yes he also has big bust potential because of his inexperience but it's worth the risk because of how high his ceiling is. If you hit with him the Niners will dominate the NFC for the next decade.

  • dab_o

    if i wanted a guy who can run with the ball then i'd draft a running back. Mac Jones will be the easiest pick in the draft.

  • Brian 23
    Brian 23

    How is zach wilson not big

  • Meet Hvncho
    Meet Hvncho

    Said y’all gm’s gone be with Mel making these draft boards 😂

  • Love only Only love
    Love only Only love

    You know how it goes, ties go to white people duhh

  • Carlos R
    Carlos R

    If you look at Shanahan's face, you can see he either wants Fields or Lance. Jones is a good player, but he is not that different than what they already have. Kyle is a great offensive mind and can craft an offense for either of the people they pick, but I believe they want a threat that will put added pressure to the defense. With Jones, there is no added pressure of him taking off on roll out plays like with Fields or Lance.

  • Charlie slick
    Charlie slick

    If the niners don’t pick Lance I’m going to be sick to my stomach

  • B Morris
    B Morris

    Ight...why is Field’s not getting more love? Is the Ohio QBs that bad??

  • mg19cal

    2:24 Kyle Shanahan to every white QB he sees: "I like that color" As a 49er fan, I cannot stomach the fact they have a bird in the hand with Fields and they're gonna pass on him (no pun intended)

  • Joel Farmer
    Joel Farmer

    I'm confused which guys are the best for my 49ers? Fields or Mac Jones or Tey Lance....someone help me?

  • perttyboy Tommy
    perttyboy Tommy

    But they take lance that nice to

  • perttyboy Tommy
    perttyboy Tommy

    Niners just needa get fields

  • Richard Klein
    Richard Klein


  • Bigchris Big chris
    Bigchris Big chris

    You can get a burrows like arsenal in Jones, lance gonna be a wildcard, but his upside could be Russ Wilson like

  • Bobby Williams
    Bobby Williams

    They do have an agreement and it’s Justin Fields! They just have their Poker Face on

  • the411onyourfuture

    Mac Jones has NEVER faced a pass rush and we know he can't run. I see another Todd Blackledge

  • Rca 49ers
    Rca 49ers

    Trade for Aaron Rodgers

  • Rca 49ers
    Rca 49ers

    Trade for Aaron Rodgers

  • James Hickerson
    James Hickerson

    I'm hoping Mac Jones somehow drops to my Steelers

  • C.S. Bailey
    C.S. Bailey

    Jet's are going to switch .

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores

    Mel kyper averages less than 40% of the correct draft picks. he's no more accurate than me or you. He's just famous for the sake of being famous.

    • Aaron Fennell-Chametzky
      Aaron Fennell-Chametzky

      He’s kinda like Bill Simmons in a way- he was the first of his kind which is why he became famous but now there are lots of people like that.

  • Khadar Goomey
    Khadar Goomey

    This is the craziest draft I ever seen. I Lottery I haven’t seen a draft this crazy. Can’t wait for Thursday to come.

  • Coach Slim!
    Coach Slim!

    Skip will repeat the same “quote” about someone over and over and king James free throws are terrible, wentz ain’t a good qb, shut up skip

  • Daina Stanley
    Daina Stanley

    Someone clip and meme 2:40-2:42

  • Dean Patrocinio
    Dean Patrocinio

    Mac Jones

  • Gecko Brah
    Gecko Brah

    Can only hope and pray Fields falls to 15 and the Pats!