Packers haven't done enough for Rodgers to prove he's the long-term solution | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Despite Aaron Rodgers saying his future with the Green Bay Packers is out of his control, the Packers GM gave a ringing endorsement of Rodgers. He told reporters yesterday quote, 'Aaron is our guy. He’s going to be our quarterback for the foreseeable future. We’re excited about the things we’re going to try to accomplish here over the next couple years.'
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Packers haven't done enough for Rodgers to prove he's the long-term solution | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Is Aaron Rodgers still the long-term solution for the Packers?

    • Carl Johan
      Carl Johan

      @Jesse Ishaan Yup, I have been using Flixzone for since december myself =)

    • Jesse Ishaan
      Jesse Ishaan

      a tip: watch movies on Flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies recently.

    • Dana Jett
      Dana Jett

      @MM M finally. Somebody keeping it 100 like me he is a damn diva

    • MM M
      MM M

      Nope, let him go. He is the problem, poor leadership, high maintenance (salary wise) and a diva.

    • Markis Jones
      Markis Jones

      @Dana Jett & we still the best, we dont need no SB victory to let you know who running this, we bigger than 5 SB rings, WE DEM BOYZ!!!

  • Mary Hobbib
    Mary Hobbib

    Hope Jordan Love is worth it (time will tell...).

  • jarvis hampton
    jarvis hampton

    He wants to leave because Greenbay is stingy. Won't sign top free agents because the team is owned buy the city

  • fturla

    Everyone knows the Packers want to let Aaron Rodgers go. They would have loved for him to fail last year just to prove their strategies are correct, but they failed to take into consideration of what if the team does well. It's the sick joke of management wanting the team to fail just to make themselves feel good.

  • L.L. Craft
    L.L. Craft

    Or Rodgers hasn't done enough to justify his salary and listening to him whine and make excuses, I don't care what his stats are, he chokes when it counts and has done so for a decade. Title game in GB, Brady throws three picks in a ive minute span of time, and against two back up safeties he couldn't get a touchdown...enough of this over rated diva and everyone who makes excuses for him. he has as many SB wins as Trent Dilfer. He's not make close to 40 mil to line his shelf with personal accolades' he's there to win titles. Send him to Denver so he can lose to Mahomes twice a season and with the extra cap space GB can build a team. It would be perfect for them to go to a SB within a year or two of him leaving

  • Dan Peterson
    Dan Peterson

    You draft to help the TEAM.

  • Yosh Icebear
    Yosh Icebear

    it´s done..... we lost him..... PACKERS fumble it

  • Xavier Stewart
    Xavier Stewart

    I bet Bret Favre is loving this.

    • John M.
      John M.

      Underrated comment.


    As a Green Bay Packers fan I'm with Shannon on this one..💪🏿 but not a 💯%..💪🏿

  • KP

    Real talk skip skip

  • Kount Cristian
    Kount Cristian

    It's almost like Aaron watched this and was like "damn these fellas spitting facts"

  • Jayxp Bro
    Jayxp Bro

    Skip. Loves Tom Brady. He can do no wrong. In Tom he praises amen 🙏 lol 😂

  • PJ Artistics
    PJ Artistics

    Never saw this side of Skip. Is this the same guy? I thought he disliked Aaron? Asking for a friend

  • Rocky Marquiss
    Rocky Marquiss

    Shannon - how many years did Rodgers sit behind Favre??????

  • Rocky Marquiss
    Rocky Marquiss

    If he's as good as he thinks he is - his play should make it impossible for them to start any other QB.

  • dorian james
    dorian james

    The refs control that game! Let the Bucs defense play, but called all bs calls on GB

  • Rae’Quan Morgan
    Rae’Quan Morgan

    While watching this, the news about Aaron Rodgers not interested in returning to the Packers was tweeted by Adam Shefter

    • Epic Jackson
      Epic Jackson

      Yup, I’m seeing it pop up all over my news apps that he isn’t wanting to come back.

  • Tyrone Nixon
    Tyrone Nixon

    Skip given proper respect to A. Rogers, golf clap for skip,

  • Emmanuel Nava
    Emmanuel Nava

    Can we just give Rodgers to the GOAT, Coach Belichick, so we can see him win the next five SBs?!

    • Emmanuel Nava
      Emmanuel Nava

      Scratch that, 8 SBs

    • Emmanuel Nava
      Emmanuel Nava

      Scratch that, 7 SBs

    • Emmanuel Nava
      Emmanuel Nava

      Scratch that, 6 SBs

  • Justin Usadel
    Justin Usadel

    This is the Aaron Rodgers version of the "Brett Favre" situation all over again

  • Clay Kendall
    Clay Kendall

    Skip love hating on Rodgers.

  • Christopher Gutierrez
    Christopher Gutierrez

    Packers with Rodgers=12-4 Packers without Rodgers=4-12

  • Dan Ouimet
    Dan Ouimet

    hes under contract for 3 years - these guys are stupid. You continuously talk about it.

  • stephen2015

    Rogers is so loved there that it's hard to move on BUT how many times does he have to come up short? What's his playoff record especially outside of his one SB? I honestly don't know but it sure seems like they are in the playoffs often and... Then come up short. He doesn't out them on his back. Sorry, if I believed in Love I would move on.

  • Jyronn Moody
    Jyronn Moody

    Skip act like we forgot he was a big n’keal Harry fan 🌚

  • Duey Newton
    Duey Newton

    Oh yeah I remember dat game Denver 3 Buffalo 10

  • Stanley Green
    Stanley Green

    Doesn't Aaron Rodgers have 2 years left on his contract. I dont know why everyone was surprised when they drafted Jordan Love. I'm pretty sure Aaron Rodgers understands the situation. The same thing happened with him and Farve. GM's also have to build for the future. People need to stop acting like the Packers havent drafted good offensive players for him. So what if the players were taken in later rounds, they been producing. Seems like a lot of their 1st round picks have been defense players. The Packers need to make sure they get quality defensive players. As long as Rodgers is the QB the offense will be fine.

    • Brother James
      Brother James

      Yea. And Brett Favre didn't like the pick. So he left and went to Minnesota lol. Basically the same situation

  • jordan goldsmith
    jordan goldsmith

    They talk about this every week something is stirring up in wisconsin

  • Antoine Rogers
    Antoine Rogers

    The team dont owe Aaron anything...They can set their future up if they want too...they getting ready to move on

  • cripdyke

    I don't agree with Shannon more than 60% of the time, but I gotta say that he's excellent at showing the problems with Skip's arguments. Shannon is simply better at making his case, even if I disagree with the side he picks fairly often.


    Aaron Rodgers sucks man 🤣

  • Dan Young
    Dan Young

    Once they made him the highest paid player there is only so much help they can give him.

  • grant carney
    grant carney

    I firmly believe that if they would have grabbed a first round offensive or defensive talent instead of a backup quarterback they would have made the super bowl this year

  • Coach Slim!
    Coach Slim!

    Skips thinks his opinion matters, he always answers Jenny question bringing up that players stats, and skip finds that player worst game ever to talk about.

  • Stay Focused Films
    Stay Focused Films

    Why don't they show the damn video

  • Matthew Usmiller
    Matthew Usmiller

    Hahahaaa don’t worry packers 13-4 this year and going back to nfc championship to face Tampa just watch

  • EvilBrainFromOuterSpace

    Packers have been consistently good for 30 years while Wash, Chicago Las Vegas throw money and picks around like they have no value and mostly suck. The Packers spend on Peppers and Woodson not Haynesworth and every free agent signing by the Raiders. Constantly throwing money on quick fixes that fix nothing to show your doing something cripples your team for year as does over reaching in the draft, Mitch Trubisky Ricky Williams or you need a QB so badly you take a 45 year old who can’t throw or run Brandon Weeden. Packers have been to 9 NFC championship games every team player and fan base outside New England would switch front office personnel in a heartbeat. WR instead of Jordan Love fair point Chase Claypool but everyone thought that was a reach was a reach but then who Tee Higgins, Denzel Mimms.. Noise to make noise.

  • Arcazon

    I feel bad for Packers fans that their team is trying to give away a top 1-3 in the league currently QB with at least 3 or 4 more years left to try out an unknown, which history suggests will likely fail. Not sure what Packer management is thinking here. But hey if they wanna give away Rodgers, then my team will certainly take him.

  • kar dave
    kar dave


  • email

    They just want to win another super bowl, and Rodgers is standing in their way

  • Jeffrey J
    Jeffrey J

    Any team Rodgers goes to automatically become Super Bowl contenders... The minute Rodgers leaves GB they become lottery pick contenders....

    • Boss

      Ahhh idk about superbowl contender. Conference championship at best

    • Aaditya Nair
      Aaditya Nair

      @Clyde Davis He threw the most picks in college football his senior year....

    • Clyde Davis
      Clyde Davis

      Jordan love is great can’t wait till it’s his turn

    • Crescendo

      @Different 1 elite WR and 1 elite RB look at Tampa or KC or even Dallas lmao full offense is elite

    • bluerisk

      @Lance Handy They will try to rebuild around Zach Wilson. Chicago, 49ers...New England. What a duel: Brady with Tampa in New England against Belichick and Roders. Won't happen.

  • Grossi Family
    Grossi Family

    Breaking news aaron Rodgers is the back up to Jordan love lol come on I'm confused

  • Grossi Family
    Grossi Family

    Aaron Rodgers should want out after being mvp and drafting Jordan love but hes ben in green bay how long and one super bowl so can argue both ways but Aaron Rodgers should try to pull a tom Brady you think u better without me let me go why is aaron not demanding more after his best year I dont get aaron sometimes

  • Austin Oldfield
    Austin Oldfield

    I hope Arron ends up in New England.

  • Henry M
    Henry M

    Meanwhile Seahawks ain’t even draft for a min

  • Michael Howard
    Michael Howard

    Typical of every sports talk show----create smoke and stoke a fire where there is none. Does ANYONE realize the Packers are up against a cap crunch, and are trying to do A LOT of work to ensure they can keep this roster together...INCLUDING the starting quarterback? Gute has said "Aaron is our guy". That is the end of the argument....period.

  • Setsuna F. Seiei
    Setsuna F. Seiei


  • Adam S
    Adam S

    Skip bayless hate for aaron rodgers is so deep he even takes shot at him at Jeopardy lol anderson cooper... come on man

  • Salvatore Agnello
    Salvatore Agnello

    They drafted a Qb & Rb in the first two rounds lmfao and re signed Aaron jones what a terrible draft 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trae Lee
    Trae Lee

    I’m tired of Skip by this time

  • Joseph Walters
    Joseph Walters

    Obviously Aaron Rodgers threw those 48 touchdowns to himself last year because green bay did absolutely nothing to help him lol what a joke

  • Brandon Muse
    Brandon Muse

    Shannon is right. Then just trade Aaron.

  • Cool vibes Only
    Cool vibes Only

    Rodgers go to 49ers the packers don’t deserve him

  • Khalil Harris
    Khalil Harris

    What people never mention is. They drafted a rb that didn't help them in the 2nd round lol

    • Dylan Kalonji
      Dylan Kalonji

      The packers wasted an entire draft class

    • Dean Peanuts
      Dean Peanuts


  • Rome

    8 figures to host jeopardy ..... I have questions

  • Reggie Newton
    Reggie Newton

    Skip “By His Standards” Bayless

  • Lean6

    Not a Rodgers fan, but I absolutely hate these disloyal teams and team owners. It would be worth it to see Rodgers go to Chicago or Minnesota and win a Super Bowl.

    • Brother James
      Brother James

      How are they being disloyal lol. They are paying him alot of money. He the one that wants out.

  • M Wodrazka
    M Wodrazka

    After AR leaves I hope the packers turn into the Jets for like 20 years. They will be crying about "Remember when we had Rodgers" "Yeah! He was so good"

    • Brother James
      Brother James

      Why not just trade them and load up for the future. How many good years does Rodgers realistically have?? Nothing wrong with planning for the future. Tom Brady left, Brett Favre left, Peyton Manning left. It happens🤷‍♂️

  • terrence howard
    terrence howard

    Y is Shipp talking bout last year.

  • ceorenz

    How come they never show the replays so we can see what they are looking. So annoying @skip

  • Nate Williams
    Nate Williams

    I think bill is planning to get Aaron to New England so they can win multiple rigs and prove a point hate to say it being a packers fan

    • Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe
      Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe

      It would make Brady look like a carried once Rodgers gets good defense and wins a lot

    • Nate Williams
      Nate Williams

      @Jonathan Ruiz he signed cam for one year again when he can get Aaron he a master mind look at how he lining that team up

    • Jonathan Ruiz
      Jonathan Ruiz

      That would be crazy

  • Danny

    Aaron Rodgers taking up most of the cap and dude throws everyone under the bus. Aaron Rodgers cared more about the NFL MVP then being a SB MVP.

  • P S
    P S

    Anderson Cooper - Skip looking to get fired

  • Giovanni XO
    Giovanni XO

    PACKERS!!! Put some respect on my boy AR name PLEASE. He’s all we got. He’s our guy. PLEASE. Give this man what he wants...

    • Christopher Fava
      Christopher Fava

      Yeah he should get the treatment like Tom brady i want Antonio brown gronk Tom brady can do it why can't the Packers do it for arron rodgers I don't blame him for wanting to leave he needs more weapons

    • Thegreatboi bruh
      Thegreatboi bruh

      Best front office can do is amari rodgers. guess we'll have a Rodgers on the team somehow this season.

  • dinewalton

    I'm a Falcons fan. I love Julio but I would trade trade Julio to a contender for a young defensive player. Julio to the Colts for #21, can we get it done? Julio to the Ravens for Queen and a pick?

    • yxng riz
      yxng riz

      You take Preston smith and we take Julio 🤝

  • Trader AK
    Trader AK

    only way he changes his mind on aaron is if he played for the cowboys. if he did, he'd probably take aaron over brady LOL

  • Trader AK
    Trader AK

    skip , why you gotta be so salty?

  • William Hill
    William Hill

    13 an 3" they not that good! Wth!

  • William Hill
    William Hill

    Aaron choked last yr! In the last gm! All those times he use to run like a rabbit! He froze up at the moment he should have!

  • William Hill
    William Hill

    They not dare draft another qb!

  • Marcelo Soprano
    Marcelo Soprano

    He hasn’t done anything the past 10 years to deserve one. One and done playoff appearances and a below .500 records against playoff contending teams in regular Season and playoffs. Tom Brady has done more with less the money 6 Super Bowl appearances 4 rings later in that time span since Rodgers 2010 season. It’s a clear joke. Move on don’t waste your money build for the future.

    • Tom Fassel
      Tom Fassel

      @Marcelo Soprano yeah sure cuz they held the rams to 3 pts in the Super Bowl cuz of Brady and his zero td passes. Sure the offense has something to do with it but now you’re acting like GB doesn’t have an offense the way you’re talking

    • jeagles1000

      @Marcelo Soprano a concept they dont understand Brady know how to manage a game like no other

    • Marcelo Soprano
      Marcelo Soprano

      @Tom Fassel if you haven’t noticed those defenses were nothing without him being under center for the offense.

    • Tom Fassel
      Tom Fassel

      And Brady has had a top 5-10 defense basically every year lol. Defense wins Super Bowls if you haven’t noticed

  • Alonzo Watches Vids
    Alonzo Watches Vids

    Aaron Rodgers isn't that guy nor is this team or organization ... idk why the Packets keep getting talked bout.

    • 205TAZMANIAN

      @Alonzo Watches Vids you didn't answer my question so ill rephrase it. what other team in the NFC were better than those two teams TB & GB last year? And if Roger's wasn't on that team last year do they make it to the NFC championship?

    • Alonzo Watches Vids
      Alonzo Watches Vids

      @205TAZMANIAN so last year GB was the SB team to beat? No. Just because they reached that point changed nothing. Rodgers nd every last teammate ddnt get it done so why focus on a QB who is all the talent in the world but can never get it done time after time?

    • 205TAZMANIAN

      You mean the team that went to the nfc championship last year? I'm confused by your statement. What other team other than TB is really on GB level last year?

  • Mista Idgaf
    Mista Idgaf

    Playing the Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy role

  • Jeff Saint
    Jeff Saint

    Rogers is good for another three years. Three years is a lifetime.

    • Aaditya Nair
      Aaditya Nair

      With him just winning MVP...nah. I can see 5 years minimum if he wants to.

  • Banquet Meal
    Banquet Meal

    Green Bay didnt just draft 1 guy that gave them absolutely nothing. Their whole draft gave them nothing outside of Kamal Martin

    • Aaditya Nair
      Aaditya Nair

      @Banquet Meal Tbh, we dont know how long Mercedes will be here. And Lazard is a receiver. To keep the 13 personnel that Lafluer likes so much, we need 2 good TE's to disguise play action. And, the TE's (if they aren't receivers after the ball is snapped) have to block well to keep edge rushers out of the throwing lanes. That's where two good blocking TE's, (Tonyan and Deguara) will play well into the future.

    • Aaditya Nair
      Aaditya Nair

      @Banquet Meal I mean who dint get destroyed in the NFCCG on the line?

    • Banquet Meal
      Banquet Meal

      @Aaditya Nair Tonyan is a great blocker. Lazard is a great blocker. Mercedes Lewis is a great blocker. We didn't need to spend a 3rd on a glorified fullback. Runyan got destroyed in the NFC Championship game.

    • Aaditya Nair
      Aaditya Nair

      @nmc400 Fs... Winfield was great for them. That team is gonna be crazy next year, especially if they draft well again.

    • Aaditya Nair
      Aaditya Nair

      @Banquet Meal What? No, Deguara actually looked GREAT in the first. Insane run blocker, especially in the second level. And Runyan became such an important piece late down the road with Bakh out. He played 20% of snaps all year, which is big for a Packers rookie.

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson

    Aaron Rodgers own the Cowboys, and Skip can't stand him for it

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Wow....Anderson Cooper is a joke.

  • ayalanumber3

    Aaron is waiting til after the draft to negotiate to make sure they don't pull some BS again in the draft.

    • ayalanumber3

      @Jonathan Gonzalez You shut your damn mouth!

    • Jonathan Gonzalez
      Jonathan Gonzalez

      Really doubt he’ll stay this will probably be his last season in Green Bay

  • Gulo gulo
    Gulo gulo

    Rodgers is like a well done steak🥩, he's DONE. All the hype from these sports shows can't deny the obvious....stick a fork in him!

    • The Discussion
      The Discussion

      You say that like he had a terrible year

    • Gulo gulo
      Gulo gulo

      @Travis Williams TB12 was SB MVP, who's really more valuable? The king the hill or"the other guy".

    • Travis Williams
      Travis Williams

      He just won mvp??

  • zak girard
    zak girard

    Rogers doesn't win the big game.

  • Milwaukee Packers
    Milwaukee Packers

    In my opinion I think Aaron Rodgers is going to stay with Green Bay Packers for one more year after that I can bet he'll leave Green Bay Packers

  • Whydoidothis7

    face it he's no tom brady.

  • Darius Graham
    Darius Graham

    Y'all wanna show a picture of Aaron Rodgers but don't ever wanna show the Videos that y'all be looking at 9:36

    • Darius Graham
      Darius Graham

      @Dk lol its whatever because it's another page that show all that

    • Dk

      They ain’t got rights from the nfl to show them on YT lol

    • UFO'S ARE REAL!!!
      UFO'S ARE REAL!!!

      Copyright issues. You should PAY for the actual show on FS1 & you'll get to see the video previews.

    • Darius Graham
      Darius Graham

      @Isaac Belluomini lol that's understandable but they already seen it by the time they post the videos so why not 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Darius Graham
      Darius Graham

      @Franco Bradshaw lol fr tho I be wanting to see the videos too

  • Brandon Carter
    Brandon Carter

    They wanted love to get in games? He wasn’t even the back up qb last year come on skip!!!

    • Different

      It was an ok pick it would’ve been smarter to draft defense or WR last year to win a super bowl and get a QB this year because the QBs are better this year

  • zazie da beast
    zazie da beast

    I only came here for Shanon, nothing more...

  • kevin le kebbles
    kevin le kebbles

    Packers are the only team that had a QB that plays better than the GOAT in the NFC Champ and says Nah not seeing anything with the future here

    • Giovanni XO
      Giovanni XO

      Thank you!!!

    • kevin le kebbles
      kevin le kebbles

      @Gulo gulo you're mighty poor to be attempting to lecture kiddo

    • Gulo gulo
      Gulo gulo

      @kevin le kebbles we know what ppl r that"assume"....🐴 (heehaw)

    • kevin le kebbles
      kevin le kebbles

      @Gulo gulo gonna assume you've never watched football and just highlight reels lol

    • Gulo gulo
      Gulo gulo

      @kevin le kebbles excuses, excuses, that's the🌎 we live in now. No one takes their bumps'n'bruises & goes back to the drawing board. TB12 could care less a/b who they draft....7RINGZ!!!

  • Doug Gasparutti
    Doug Gasparutti

    Le 'sharpe aka Brady Ball Buster. Two things in life are certain. A.taxes, B. Is BRADY SKIP knows what's up.

    • Doug Gasparutti
      Doug Gasparutti

      Always makes me happy. We get that Lynch/Edelman squad it will be ugly.

  • Darius Graham
    Darius Graham

    5:40 that boy Aaron was to confident about playing at home cause it's cold like Brady never played in the Cold 😂

  • Teebxllr

    Greenbay have one of the worst FO in the entire league. They’ve had a generational QB for nearly 2 decades but they’ve never had the overwhelmingly best roster. Never made a move to go over the top to win now and just been happy to be competitive (thanks to AR). And the pathetic fan base enables them as well. Typical small-minded small market team, terrified to take any semblance of risk. Disgusting.

  • Darius Graham
    Darius Graham

    Ill be surprised if Aaron isn't at Green Bay Next Year

    • bluerisk

      Chicago. I said it before, I say it again. Just out of spite for this front management.

  • Darius Graham
    Darius Graham

    Honestly I just don't know if Packers will ever win the Super Bowl again with Aaron. He's the Most Talented QB but I Just Don't know

    • Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe
      Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe

      @mannjayy let’s see mahomes with only 1 good weapon like Rodgers and let’s see who will win

    • Stop Campin
      Stop Campin

      @Runnin_ramen me either man like you gotta win and lose by your best player everyone knows that 💯 if you lose with him so be it but if you lose without trying to win with get these topics till next season and here we are

    • Runnin_ramen

      Yeah their best chance was last year........still can’t believe they gave the ball back to Brady😂😂

    • Darius Graham
      Darius Graham

      @mannjayy yea I know I was just saying I forgot about Mahomes so I agree with u about him having a slight edge in Talent

    • mannjayy

      @Darius Graham ummm i think we're talkin about the same person lbvs Patty as in Patrick Mahomes

  • Skateboardian Skates
    Skateboardian Skates

    How many times do y’all keep trying to create nonsense lol that contract already done

  • Mitchell Bassler
    Mitchell Bassler

    If there’s any consolation for Bears fans, it’s that the Packers have wasted Aaron Rodgers’ career.

    • Anthony Slazas
      Anthony Slazas

      @Mitchell Bassler that's worse that Chicago living off the 85 Bears

    • Mitchell Bassler
      Mitchell Bassler

      @Anthony Slazas - At least the Packers signed Reggie White and a few other players such as Desmond Howard and Andre Rison.

    • John M.
      John M.

      Thomas Sankara I watched McNabb play in highschool at the state championship. Not a ohilky liver ot hater but those teams should have clewned up for several years.

    • Anthony Slazas
      Anthony Slazas

      And Brett Frave

    • Thomas Sankara
      Thomas Sankara

      @Mitchell Bassler T.O didn't work because him and McNabb hated each other. Nevertheless McNabb carried us to the Superbowl that year. If we had T.O in 03 and 04 we would've smoked the Bucs and Panthers in the NFCCG especially with him being healthy. But of course, we finally get out the NFC and have to play the Pats.

  • Johnra Brown
    Johnra Brown

    The same thing was done to Bret Farve

    • Justin Dminic
      Justin Dminic

      Not even remotely close

    • Aaditya Nair
      Aaditya Nair

      @Jeffrey J Fr... the only thing similar was the round they were taken.

    • Jeffrey J
      Jeffrey J

      The Rodgers/Love situation is not even close to the Rodgers/Favre situation.....

    • Devin M.
      Devin M.

      Aaron Rodgers was projected to go #1 overall and fell to the Packers. Was Jordan Love even projected to be drafted in the 1st round? And they moved up to get Love.

    • kadmiel martin
      kadmiel martin

      This is different Rodgers never was undecided if he wanted to retired When the packers drafted Rodgers in 2004 , the packers were 10-6 in 2004, in 2005 they went 4-12 with Farve throwing 29 picks Do not really the same

  • Dr NBA
    Dr NBA

    wait is skip actually talking facts

  • Terence Wright
    Terence Wright

    Aaron Rodgers needs to leave GB after the 2021 season

  • djmeduna2009

    I don’t know

  • Anthony Bennett
    Anthony Bennett

    *The writing is on the wall, they wanna push Aaron through the side door even though he’s clearly still an elite QB🤦🏿‍♂️*

    • Gulo gulo
      Gulo gulo

      @Bench Warmerss I'm with u on all that, mccarthy, the defense, but don't forget to give rodgers his share too...he's looked inexcusably bad @ times.

    • Bench Warmerss
      Bench Warmerss

      @Gulo gulo defense was terrible all them years with mccarthy and after they won it ... last year was solely on the offensive side though .. ppl can blame king all they want but Rodgers had multiple times to capitalize on the turnovers

    • Gulo gulo
      Gulo gulo

      @Stanley NYC sure he has the skills to pay the bills, but not 2 b compared 2 someone who's has 10, count them 10 SB appearances...7RINGZ!!!

    • Stanley NYC
      Stanley NYC

      @Gulo gulo umm is someone who is mvp not elite?

    • Gulo gulo
      Gulo gulo

      @Giovanni XO a/b what?

  • Justin Figgins
    Justin Figgins

    Like I always state when it comes to Stephen A & Shay Sharpe when speaking about Aaron Rogers & the Green Bay Packers..... “Aaron Rogers is playing on the longest NFL rookie contract ever human-being history....” The bull-jive of Aaron Rogers never having the opportunity to leave the Green Bay Packers to go to a another team has to stop, pathetic....

    • Justin Figgins
      Justin Figgins

      @Vontae Woods In 2014 Aaron Rogers wanted that huge paycheck over winning another Super Bowl....

    • Vontae Woods
      Vontae Woods

      He did in 2014 but he stayed instead of going to Rams

  • Key

    Rodgers hasn’t done enough to prove he’s the long term solution

    • Anthony Thanghe
      Anthony Thanghe

      It doesn’t matter how many points your offense puts in the board if your defense cannot stop your opponent. How burned out are your OL and receivers going to be when they have to keep scoring just to stay in the game.

    • Lashay Smith
      Lashay Smith

      Packers defense have not done enough football team sports not one player game every game packers lost the defense have play a big part of it